Coustom Truck For Multiplayer 1.36

This mode adds coustom trucks to the game.
These trucks run on multiplayer.
Purchase SP first, then enter MP.
You can buy this truck from the mod dealer.
Bu mod oyuna düzenlenmiş tırları ekler.
Bu tırlar multiplayerde çalışır.
Önce SP de Satın alın Sonra MP ye girin.
Siz bu tırı mod bayisinden satın alabilirsiniz.



8 thoughts on “Coustom Truck For Multiplayer 1.36

  1. the bottom bar is floating off the truck. This is not allowed on mp you will get bann. Have a good day

  2. ??‍♂️?

  3. TheGreenlightTrucker

    Who want to drive a Renault Premium with #Scania badge on it?

  4. What…the hell is this?

  5. Hope all the ######, who not accept rules use this mod. They become a perma ban, and we can drive safely and with fun!!! 😉

  6. that save edited truck is illegal on TMP. Have fun with a permanent ban with their new staff.

    1. and dont give me the “but its legal”-comment.
      I cannot drive my mildly save edited scania no more hence the “minor clipping” of the horns on the #### roof was apparently too much.

  7. Floating bar, Im perma ban

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