Cracked Roads Mod Autumn Edition v 1.0 Fixed

******Cracked Roads Mod (Autumn Edition)******

v1.0 *Fixed Damaged Archive* (Thanks to SlavikSD for restoring it).

*Tested on Version> 1.35x & 1.36x (Open beta)
*Cracked HD Roads with Autumn leaves on the side of the road and sometimes in the middle of it.

Please Note!!!

Do not edit this mod and reupload it without premission.
Please keep the Original Link.

Have Fun



6 thoughts on “Cracked Roads Mod Autumn Edition v 1.0 Fixed

  1. neranjana

    Still does not work, there are lot of errors in game log. game version 1.36 open beta with latest update.

    here is some images

    1. RayFiftyOne

      I had that in combination with another graphic mod. I use it on Grand Utopia but it still looks like ####.

  2. schade viele bild fehler ,mit bunten flecken so das die strassen teile nicht zu erkennen sind

  3. RayFiftyOne

    This mod sucks bigtime. The cracks are the same everywere and the road looks terrible.

  4. HAHAHAH ist das dein ernst ?? HHAAHAH
    Weiße Linien neee alles schaut gleich scheiße aus und was noch schlimmer ist das es abstürzt auf Grund von massiven Fehlern


  5. U mnie droga nie wszedzie jest peknieta tylko jest maly minus nie mam drzew golych i lisci na drogach i poboczu

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