1.39 Cummins N14 Lope Idle Engine
Originally posted to ATS but have added now to ETS after getting myself a copy.

New to ATS(April 2020), new to modding and fmod but here is my first ever mod. An N14 lope engine inspired by mortals outdated 1.36 mod. It not being updated motivated me over the last few days to learn fmod and modding in general and create an engine mod and here it is. Enjoy.
There’s Six engines to choose from a 550hp, 810hp, and 1080hp. Each with a lope an no lope option
(Update) I’ve also added Mortals engine AKA Bald Eagle 1420hp (lope only)

Its Compatible with all SCS both ATS & ETS2 trucks & over 60 mod trucks. to name a few
Most Steam mod trucks,
GTMs trucks
Harven trucks
Redd Mack CHU613
Overfloater K100e
Lucasi International
Bigdaddys Kenworth W900a
Richo’s Long W900
Frkn 64 euro trucks
Vipers 389

Also compatible
Pinga trucks
Ruda trucks
RTA’s trucks
Kishadowalkers trucks inc superliner
Jessmods XL
Cyrus trucks
Rollin 389
and a couple of others



4 thoughts on “CUMMINS N14 LOPE IDLE ENGINE SOUND 1.39

  1. Hey man, this looks cool and all but I can’t buy the engine from Your mod. Do I need something else to run it? I tried it on ETS2 SCS only trucks account and I couldn’t see it.

  2. no video, no download.

  3. Incorrectly created mod. Incorrectly packed. Mod does not work in the game. I changed it myself.

  4. Alon Zamir

    I have no engine sound at all after bought your engine! how to fix it ?

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