D-TEC Combi trailer Ownable [1.47]

Features mod D-tec Combi Trailer:
– Trailers are autonomous and do not replace anything;
– Sold by a trailer dealer;
– 2 coupling configurations;
– Cable support;
– working steering and lift axles
– Support DX11;

Updated for 1.47

Peerke145, kartal2339, Schulli


3 thoughts on “D-TEC Combi trailer Ownable [1.47]

  1. Adrian Grass

    Hi … there is the Cargo folder inside missing! The Game is shut down from time to time!

  2. Sam Viper Transporte

    I miss the current version of Arnook’s Container Mod’s 1.47

  3. seth-haveron

    Package version can be any string with any length.
    package_version: “1.0”

    # Display name can be any string with any length.
    display_name: “D-Tec Combitrailer + GiGa 1.36_dx11”

    lol keep your hands away form this mod !!! its just a unaltered 1.36 version still with the old “Unit” file in it , bugged old light system , no steeering axels , no cables , no paint options , and old skin textures.

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