DAF Euro6 Jelle Schouwstra


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High quality DAF Euro6 Jelle Shouwstra mod.
– Full based on real Shouwstra e6
– 60% built from 0 in high quality
– Standalone
– AO textures
– Full lightmask
– All game function supported
– Own interior
– Customization
– Own trailer

Dastagir, DRON4ik194



28 thoughts on “DAF Euro6 Jelle Schouwstra

  1. Wow Wow 438mb ###

  2. I think it’s huge for a truck mod

  3. nigel rose

    wow I’ve just come in my boxers, what a sound, what a truck,fantastic, how about a 6×2, and just a thought can anyone do a mod that attaches the suzis from truck to trailer

  4. thx for sharing but why so big?

    1. Piratxxx11

      You not listen to “high quality”? 😀 high poly? 😀

      1. High poly doesn’t mean big filesize.
        I did some highpoly stuff, too, but they were never that big.

        The real size is the texture stuff, which is way too much and way too big here. Wasted space and performance with this.

        Instead of one proper UV Layout for the cabin etc, this uses like 15 textures of a huge size.

        This causes laggs and a filesize that’s just stupidly huge.

        1. Piratxxx11

          😀 😀 no lag..you must have PC, not “calculator” this truck work normal-not lags 😛

  5. It crashes my game…. with no other mods installed

  6. Guys don’t download that sh it. It’s a turbosquid model with lots of unnecessary polygons. There is no better detail than vanilla truck.
    It’s just lags my gtx980ti SLI. You imagine how this fckn mod created.

    It’s just DaSTAGIR’S ###### modding. Don’t waste your time with that sh it.

    1. i agree with you

    2. Hm, I have Radeon 7870 2GB and this mod ”eats” only 5-8 FPS

    3. Piratxxx11

      You are sh**t 😀 😀 play to normal PC..not for kids 😀

    4. “There is no better detail than vanilla truck.”

      ARE U KIDDING ME? NO BETTER DETAILS THAN VANILLA TRUCK ahahahahaha you are ###### :*

  7. Laggs like hell, even for a HQ truck.

    And the trailer never appears in the job list either.

    Kinda sad, wasted possibilities.

  8. Piratxxx11

    All say bullsh**t 😀 😀 work, normal…only slooow pc not work 😀

    1. Do you know what is gtx 980 ti?! It lags on that GPU. Also there isn’t a good detail on that truck. Even headlights are like sh it. This is not quality. This is not a high poly mod.
      This is just an amateurly modded sh it.
      Don’t waste your time.

      Also who uploaded this mod is a thief and a bit ch. Because this mod is a payed mid, not free. A..hole.

      1. Adamisch123

        You do know it requires a good CPU also to run the high poly model not just the GPU. GPU just render the textures and nothing else but the CPU however do render the truck 😉

        1. If i have this Gpu i must have an good Cpu too! I have an i7 5960x.
          Do you think that i have an i3? lol Under 60fps=lag for me.
          When you use that truck just push the brake and 40 fps down.lol.


  9. It doesn’t work by my its everything .rar files and not .scs

    1. Everything is .rar files an n’t .scs files

  10. Hello,

    |can I use the bumper for my own mod?
    Grtz Krappie

  11. WouterBoon

    i can’t get it to work can somebody give me the .scs file that you put in the mod folder?

  12. Where is the .scs file ?

  13. scaniaboy2000_hero

    olso for 1.27 ?

  14. WouterBoon

    Please update the mod to 1.32

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