Deleted Trailers by SCS v 1.3.3

Deletes all Trailers from freight market, so that you are allowed to use only your own standalone trailers.

Compatible with all DLCs incl. Vive la France, Heavy Cargo and additionally compatible with Promods and/or Rusmap

If you wanna keep the SCS Heavy Cargo Trailers, you will have to use Version 1.3.1 below.

satan19990, HrMatze


15 thoughts on “Deleted Trailers by SCS v 1.3.3

  1. nightfiver

    By installing this mod, will you have access to dlc scs heavy cargo?

    1. No, if you wanna use only access to heavy cargo, use version 1.3.1

  2. I must put the zip file to mod folder?

    1. Yes, only copy or move the ZIP file into your mod directory.

  3. Вадим

    Мне скорее нужно вернуть с бдф))

  4. And how can i repair when i unload this mod? Anyway no more trailers in list 🙁

    1. Google for “Reset freight Market ets2”

      Whenever YouTube use a new unknown mod, please backup your profile directory.

    2. …i give the answer to me: Load the last autosave Profile- and all things fine 🙂
      Now i can use the mod withaout fear sweat- and thank you HrMatze for your answer.

  5. Schattenwolf

    Functions perfectly. Power to itself perfectly for Modtrailer.

  6. is there a way that you can make a mod that only spawns its a cement trailer the orignial scs trailer

    1. Sorry, you will have to look for a standalone mod if you wanna use only cement trailers.

  7. Non trovo il file scs ! Come risolvo?

    1. “I must put the zip file to mod folder?”

      “Yes, only copy or move the ZIP file into your mod directory.”

      Ets 2 can handle zip files as well as scs files.

      1. Thank you

  8. Any chance to create this mod for ATS?

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