DHL Tandem Scania S NG

DHL Tandem skin for Scania Euguen and Kast addons
Made by kRipt

50k addons is recomend for light box !


kRipt, AddyJ


One thought on “DHL Tandem Scania S NG

  1. Can you create new skin for these:

    – Rigid chassis Addon for Eugene’s Scania NG by kast
    – Next Generation Scania P, G, R, S
    – Scania S, R, Man, Volvo, DAF, Mercedes m.m.
    – Tandem.

    The old tandem skin that is out there no longer works at 1.38 will only be right on the chassis but not on the cabinets ..

    Because the skin I test does not work at all, except the new ones but there are not many different so far is boring …

    I would like more skin that fits the chassis 4700mm, but also the 4500mm as well.

    The old ones no longer work for Ekeri, Vak, Kraken, Knapen or Närko, hope you can do a little of each … 🙁

    You do not have more skin that you can release?

    Feel free to make several of these fast with other companies welcome warmly !!

    Not the best English maybe, but hope you still understand something I mean …

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