Dodge Challenger – (1.35x)

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1.35 crash fix
Adapted for ATS

Berat Afşin, Nazımcan Küçükateş


11 thoughts on “Dodge Challenger – (1.35x)

  1. Radu Catalin

    please make Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution x

  2. RxpMxster

    please make a lamborghini hurucan mod.

  3. I have seen air ballons, airplanes, helicopters etc in ETS2, so can you for a change make an airplane that we can use to enjoy the scenery and fly fast to discover the map?

    1. AzoraxModdingGaming

      you do realise airballoons helicopters planes etc are not possible as the game doesnt allow flying for player?

  4. Make the airplane landable on airports or highways and make it very small (2 persons) so that it can be refuelled at regular fuel station.

  5. TeddyBear

    Do a Dodge Demon.

  6. what is now the top speed ??

  7. WorldMods

    Brutal, link video test

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