DRL FOR DAF XF 105 1.33.X

This mod adds DRL & extra parking lights to DAF XF 105
Now you can “legally” drive Daf XF 105 without turing your headlights on in regions where local laws require DRL or headlights on in daytime.

It works for SCS’ original Daf XF 105 only.
It might not work if you are using other mods that replace XF 105’s cabin.
Light effects varies in different graphic mods. All preview images are from the original game, no graphic mod.



5 thoughts on “DRL FOR DAF XF 105 1.33.X

  1. Frostbite3


    1. Frostbite3

      Сделай пожалуйста для всех грузовиков)))

  2. Mr.Simsek

    Great mod bro. Can you do that for other truck like actros ?

  3. tunning6000

    good job bro

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