Economy Project v 1.0 for ETS2 1.33

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Version: [green]1.0[normal] by [red]Geppox[normal]
Compatibility: [red]1.33[normal]

[orange]This mod is designed to combine realism, playability and fun. I have changed the economy so as to start with a little more difficulty, as you advance in level you will be paid more, but without exaggerating.[normal]

[red]Some Changes[normal]

User: Quick Jobs: 1.00 EUR/Km plus 60 EUR fixed payment.
Freight Market: 1.35 EUR/Km base price. Experience and special deliveries multiply this factor.
Cargo Market: 1.50 EUR/Km base price.

AI driver: Quick Jobs: 1.00 EUR/Km plus 30 EUR fixed payment.
Cargo Market: 1.05 EUR/Km base price.

Hired Drivers: 150 EUR

Truck Refund: 65% of the original price.

Fuel Discount in Garage 25%.

Recalculated Reward Bonus.

Add Coinsurance.

Recalculated Loan Duration.

Price Adjustment of Fines.

And More…



2 thoughts on “Economy Project v 1.0 for ETS2 1.33

  1. Looks promising. Have to try out. Noticed that you had driving time 660 min and sleep time 540 min. They are actually driving time 540 min and sleep time 660 min IRL.

  2. Hallo.
    Idee find ich sehr gut.
    Mod geladen und wollte auch direkt neue Fahrer einstellen, boom stürtzt mein Spiel ab.

    Was kann ich tun?


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