ETS2 ~ Van Herk R650 + Trailer ~ [1.37]

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This Van Herk Blumen und Pflanzen skin has been designed by Sam Kerstens, CEO Kerstens Modding. The skin is not locked so accessories can added. DaStig gave me permission to include parts of his badges mod. This means badges will automatically disappear when the skin is chosen.

This mod was made to work with:
-Scania R 2016 by EUGENE
-Scania R 2016 by SCS
-Ekeri trailers by Kast
-Mods listed below: ???

Recommended mods:
-Scania PGRS by Eugene
-Big lightbox V1.2
-Extended Sunshield
-Custom Danish sideskirts
-Abasstreppas wheels

Designed by Sam Kerstens. Sharing this mod is allowed. The only obligation however is to keep the original download link.

Sharing this mod is allowed. The only obligation however is to keep as original download link!!

For support, everyone is welcome in our Discord community. This is where we can help you with all kinds of issues with our work.

Sam Kerstens, Kerstens Modding


4 thoughts on “ETS2 ~ Van Herk R650 + Trailer ~ [1.37]

  1. rezafatul

    Is it just me or abasstreppas wheels cannot works?

    1. Kerstens Modding

      Alcoa rims, and painted hubs

      1. rezafatul

        Will try, thank you, and great mod!

  2. hy man can you add templates for r650 pls i cant find big thanks

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