Exhaust Pipe For Scania New Generation

Mod is compatible with Scania New Generation R/S
You can find exhaust left and right.
Tested on 1.30 – works fine on older versions
* Respect the download link *
Good game



3 Responses to Exhaust Pipe For Scania New Generation

  1. zoso says:

    Stolen Mod, the original author is Sn00kY89
    I do not understand why we dared respect a thief’s link!

  2. relodal says:

    Love your work

    • zoso says:

      It seems strange to me that you like my work
      you should like more zukiko’s works (false mod or stolen from other authors)
      why do you continue to comment on the fake?
      if you think to make fun of me, you’ve got the wrong address

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