Ferry original game SCS or+ all DLC

Test on ( Normally should work with other updates )

Price a little more realistic for ferry

The mod reduces the cost for ferries, for stuck a little more to this kind of mod economy : K realistic by Kablowsky

Or simply to reduce the cost on ferry in the original game.

This is my first modification of file def, if there are errors please let me know.


DOWNLOAD 33 KB Part 1 : no DLC (original Map ETS2)
DOWNLOAD 57 KB Part 2 : Original map + all DLC

2 thoughts on “Ferry original game SCS or+ all DLC

  1. Adrenalin

    This is awesome,exactly what i needed,i tried to do it on my own but didn’t work,i guess you aren’t allowed to modify prices for Pro Mods ferries ? Anyway,it’s like you readed my mind,thanks!

  2. Thanks, if the mod you love, it makes me happy.
    I’m sorry, I play that on the map of the original game, so I can not make another version for a mod map.

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