Fiat Ducato BETA


5 Kind of Skin
Tamplate for making skin
Credits : Amir_Dvg
base model : scs software
thanks for truckersmp
tnx for using this mod



38 Responses to Fiat Ducato BETA

  1. javadmo says:

    it is ####

  2. amir_dvg says:

    this is beta version
    on the next version i get bug solved and make a interior for it ?

  3. ALONE says:

    bah bah eyval dash amir

  4. Scooby123 says:

    Video please 😀

  5. shift says:


  6. M1A1 says:

    Puts the original interior of the fiat ducato with animation there is the best mod !! And adds the closed cabin l3H2 or l4h2

  7. Renot says:

    Can You make a Peugeot Boxer? Just change the logo of Fiat on Peugeot 😉

  8. amir_dvg says:

    yeah i can make but without interior becuase i cant make animation for interior wheel or guage

  9. ComuTheWolf says:

    You have to add: Interior, engines(for example from peugeot boxer) and Wheels with tires. then it’ll be good mod, now its sucks.

  10. amir_dvg says:

    YEAH BRO ❤️
    i wiil be solved this problem soon ❤️

  11. Dalibor says:

    For how long will mod ?

  12. Dalibor says:


  13. Dalibor says:

    How long will it take mod?
    When will it be done

  14. Dalibor says:


  15. ETS2 MAN says:

    When will you do the Alpha version?

    • amir_dvg says:

      when its interior get fixed
      i modeling the interior
      when its finished i will convert it and i will publish it soon?

  16. antek9316 says:

    Where update?:-)

  17. Dalibor says:

    it’s ready?

  18. Dalibor says:


  19. EuroTruckgamer says:

    Ready jet? It´s the best van and i can´t wait!! 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Thanks for it!!

  20. Dalibor says:

    Exactly this is the best supply

  21. Dalibor says:

    it’s ready?

    • amir_dvg says:

      yeah its ready !
      with a interior and its orginal wheel !
      up to Two days i wheel publish ?

  22. Dalibor says:

    Thanks ♥

  23. amir_dvg says:

    your welcome ❤️
    here a picure of interior
    its for mr.Huseyin Karadana

  24. amir_dvg says:

    updated !
    version 1 published ?

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