Fix 1.26.2 for Fael Environment v 2.8

fael-environment-1 fael-environment-2

FIX This removes the “red” vegetation in mod FAEL ENVIRONMENT V2.8 to
patch ETS2: 1.26.x
Tested Game Version: on the standard map

Installation: Connect with a higher priority than the main events.

Many thanks to the authors of mod: Rafael_Bc & Grimes



6 thoughts on “Fix 1.26.2 for Fael Environment v 2.8

  1. william markham

    Opened the zip file but cant find any scs. file.Tried putting the zip file in mods but it doesn’t show in the mod manager?

  2. FatLizard

    @william markham : Extract in a folder the file you downloaded and repack all as a .zip file (Store compression). Put it in your mods folder and … it’s ok.
    Just renaming the file (.7z—>.zip) isn’t enough.

    @bobr40 (Author) : Thanks a lot for the fix !!!


    1. Doesn’t work with Promods 2.12. If I put it before promods, the environment turns black and white, If I put it down after promods, the game crashes out.

  3. Excuse me, my friends 🙂
    It accidentally hit “working version” fixation.
    But it is fully operational.
    In order to successfully connect to the game, just from the downloaded archive, move the folder “automat” in the main events.
    Or, change the file extension of the file with .7z on .scs So: FIX1.26.2 for FAEL ENVIRONMENT V2.8.7z -> FIX1.26.2 for FAEL ENVIRONMENT V2.8.scs and connect in the game.
    Fix is ​​too small to lay it again :))

  4. The installation instructions are worthless. There is an sii file and a data file (automat). Is this supposed to go with the .exe in the bin file or is this a mods folder file? Are the data files manually installed somewhere else?

  5. The mod manager did not recognize this patch after changing the file extension from .7z to .scs, so that was not successful.

    I would try moving the “automat” file, but what do you mean by “in the main events”? Do you mean “Documents/Euro truck simulator 2” or “Documents/Euro truck simulator 2/mods”? Do you mean “Steam/steam apps/common/euro truck simulator 2/bin/win_x64 (or 32)”?

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