Free Interior Camera


Free Interior Camera for all SCS trucks.
Working 1.25



3 thoughts on “Free Interior Camera

  1. no instructions on how you use this>?

    1. I am going to assume you are new to ETS2 and its mods? You have to download the mod, and make sure you dont download any of the viruses from the website you are redirected to, and then put that file in your ETS2 Mod folder. Make sure its is an scs file and not a zip file, you can use Winrar or 7zip to unpack it (i recommend 7zip). Then you need to go into the game, and click on Mods on the right of the profile and you need to enable it. If you go in game and it doesnt work you either need to repeat the steps again or the mod just isnt compatible. And if you arent new, pretend i never assumed you are new and live on… Youre welcome 🙂

      1. unitedbattleship

        I believe he means that he doesnt know how to use the mod in the game, not how to install it. In fact, I face the same problem as I also do not know how to use this mod in the game.

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