Freezer Baú Mercedes Bens Trailer

freezer-bau-mercedes-bens-1 freezer-bau-mercedes-bens-2

Mercedes Bens futuristic trailer updated by Geovane Rocha and Team LOG
Holding for Euro Truck Simulator 2 game. Compatible with EAA map and
Elite map of Estradão.

credits: Geovane Rocha, Silva War Gameplays, Anderson Matos,
Ewerton Narita, Mr. PeppA do Mau, PisicoAdesivos


4 thoughts on “Freezer Baú Mercedes Bens Trailer

  1. it’s a old mod ^^

    1. I confirm

  2. ets2brasil

    Atualizado para a versão 1.26.X do ETS2

  3. By: Manu3D (manu999)

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