Hartmann Highline Skin

Hartmann skin for Scania RJL 6 series
Highline skin
Rack is find in the Spoiler selection
Use chrome rack

Hope you enjoy this mod



5 Responses to Hartmann Highline Skin

  1. vusuv says:

    nice skin

  2. Englishtrucker says:


    • CZmimonCZ says:

      I didnt know that he made it too . But this is my skin and i have a proof Becouse i streamed it on YouTube

      • speedy143 says:

        Englishtrucker, thank you for looking out for people who rip off other peoples work it but I can assure you bud this is not my skin and CZmimonCZ has created his own version.

        • CZmimonCZ says:

          Speedy doesnt have this of a bad looking skin as i do so you can easily see the diferences

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