Improved Snowflakes v 3.0


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Another version of the mod with snowflakes.
Improved shape and appearance of snowflakes.
Added emulation of low temperatures, snowflakes are melting slowly.
Added lumps of snow from the wheels.
Tested on 1.25.x, but will work on newer versions.
If there are problems remove from fashion folder / def



17 thoughts on “Improved Snowflakes v 3.0

  1. zeeuwsetrucker

    witch winter pack you use?

  2. Complete_Winter_Mod_v3.0.1+[ADDON] Extreme

  3. Thx man!! Btw what is this truck physic mod?

  4. link nie dziala

  5. still falling way to fast..snow is falling slower :/

    1. If you know how to slow down a flight of raindrops (snowflakes), prompt.

      1. What physic mod you using in this video?

  6. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test Video on my Youtube Channel

  7. So, it’s basically what has been in most wintermods already

  8. RedDragonMK

    Remove the thunder effect and the rain sound, its unrealistic, nice mod btw …

    1. In this mode there is no sound at all, only the texture and of files * .sii. These sounds are usually in weather mods, look there.

      1. RedDragonMK

        Yeah, that may be the problem. Tnx for the reply 🙂

  9. Password?

  10. password ?

  11. need new link!!!!!!!!!

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