Interior Package & Steering Wheel Trucks v 1.3 For 1.32.XX

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Update of mod.

Added in this version Daf XF 105 and Daf Euro 6.


– Independent mod, adds the interiors, does not replace them.
– All interiors unlocked from the zero level.
– 40 different Interiors for 4 of the truck brands of the game.
– 8 different interiors for Scania R 2016 + 4 different flyers.
– 8 different Interiors for Scania S 2016 + 4 different flyers.
– 8 Interiors for Renault Magnum + 8 different steering wheels.
– Interiors for normal cabin, and high cabin.

Changes in this version 1.32.XX:

– Removed obsolete files from the previous version.
– Adapted all files for operation in version 1.32.XX.
– Recovered all the automat for its operation in the new version.
– 8 new interiors for Daf XF 105 + 8 different steering wheels.
– 8 new interiors for Daf XF Euro 6 + 8 different steering wheels.

Author: Rockeropasiempre

Weight of the file: 289 Mb

A greeting.



7 thoughts on “Interior Package & Steering Wheel Trucks v 1.3 For 1.32.XX

  1. Gibs Das auch für Mercedes?

    1. Rockeropasiempre

      A little patience friends, this package takes a lot of work. They are not only textures, they are also hundreds of files. little by little, other models will be added

      a greeting

  2. mikehackenbacker

    these are excellent,woll there be uk variants as well plus for mecerdes mp4 please

  3. crash when you change the interior daf euro 6 (schumi mod)

    1. Rockeropasiempre

      Hello Mateo. My interior work is for the original companion trucks.

      a greeting

  4. BellRyder

    So, one thing I noticed when using the mod on my Scania S (new model), when it was raining and I turned on the window wiper, the one on the right would turn on but on the left it didn’t move (I drive on the left) but when I look on the outside, they are both working (weird), don’t know if bug or something to do with the version, but when I changed the interior to the original the problem was gone (mod still active)
    PS: I´m running my game on v1.31.2.x btw

  5. нет салона на scania R и все Daf

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