Kenworth K100 Rawhide Skin

Kenworth-K-100-Rawhide-Skin-1 Kenworth-K-100-Rawhide-Skin-2

Rawhide Skin for Kenworth K100 Truck

Author: skiner


9 Responses to Kenworth K100 Rawhide Skin

  1. muppet says:

    Can u link the truck mod? The One i have i cant see short or long lights on the road, thanks

  2. Biwdc says:

    Nice Skin 🙂

  3. muppet says:

    That´s the same version that mine.I have tried to disable all mods, hdr, color correction and same problem, lights ok on truck but not at environment\road. Others truck mods work perfect, no idea :\ I love this truck 🙁

  4. muppet says:

    Solved! i dont know what i did, i pick others trucks and when i try the k100 again… Yesss! lights on the road! and Xenon lights work with it! Thanks!

  5. maknil says:

    can someone give the link of this truck? i have version 1.16.2s

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