Kenworth T800 “UPS”


Tested Version 1.16.x

Credits: Fred_be


11 thoughts on “Kenworth T800 “UPS”

  1. Work with 1.15xx ?

  2. I also want to know if it works with 1.15

  3. Yes I thing

  4. EJTruckingINC

    Hi fred_be..Is there any good tutorial on the web to skin a modded truck like this one? I have googled and can’t seem to find a step by step how to on skinning a modded truck. The only turtorials i have found are how to skin the trucks in ets2. thanks in advance!!!

  5. darnellm09

    Thank you Fred, finally somebody I trust to do skins for the T800!

  6. EJTruckingINC

    by the way nice skin for this kenworth 🙂

  7. darnellm09

    Will you please share the T800 template with me?

    1. EJTruckingINC

      the template is in the scs file for the truck

  8. darnellm09


    1. EJTruckingINC

      your welcome!

  9. nice…….

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