Kögel Trailer Pack V1.33

Kögel Trailer Pack V1.33

– Tested version 1.33.Xs
– Compatible with all pack trailer and all DLC
– Standalone
– AI Traffic
– Advance coupling
– Animation brace
– Animation cables
– 31 skins

* Respect the download link *

TZ_Express, Fred_be


10 thoughts on “Kögel Trailer Pack V1.33

  1. Comme d’habitude j’ai oublié dans le crédit mon ami MDModding. 🙂
    As usual I forgot in the credit my friend MDModding. 🙂

    1. ask for password

  2. thanks for sharing Fred, but your traffic files are broken/not complete. 😉

    1. Hello Rudy, Why do you say that ?

  3. SmellyCat

    Like always. Traffic system in FredBe’s mods have errors

  4. I have to apologize. the traffic_storage_semi_trailer.fdb601.sii got damaged by me.
    and i saw later that you use the new system ( company_paint_job: true )
    tested it, but the spawn rate is very low this way. ofc, thats not your fault.
    i changed it back to the old system, and that works much better for me. if you like you can compare this and the new one:
    (fdb601_traffic.sii inside)
    if you want to change back, you can use the files. if not, all is fine.

    thanks again. 🙂

    1. Thx Rudi 😉

  5. dimitri de tremmerie

    hey fred-be when are you going to make walking floor skins from wonterspan and foronex.

  6. Mr.Fred actualize your Fred by 12 trailers Pack plisse

  7. Hey Fred be

    will the pack you made be updatede too 1.36 i near future

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