Kraker/NTM Tandem addon for Next Gen Scania by Kast & Siperia 05.06.2018

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Kraker/NTM/Ekeri tandem addon for Next Gen Scania R & S.
Game version 1.31.x
Mod is based on Scania R & S by RJL Tandem – ByCapital mod & tandem addon for RJL Scania RS and R4 – by Kast.


Mod will add:
Ekeri box
Ekeri parts
NTM box
NTM parts
Kraker box
3 tandem chassis
VBG hook
Domar fenders
Parlok fenders
Cables support
And more

Painted exhaust cover added
UV maps for spoilers fixed back to normal
Frontgrill, V8 sidebadge locators fixed
Front licenseplate fixed
Removed short spoiler duplicates
Added templates to main mod

Kast, Capital, Flemming V, Nordisch, abasstreppas, Siperia, Asphroxia


27 thoughts on “Kraker/NTM Tandem addon for Next Gen Scania by Kast & Siperia 05.06.2018

  1. Game Crashed….

    1. RJL Tandem mod required, reads so on the info. 😉

      1. How do you do that?

    2. Lilo is Good

      Maybe you forget to update something

      1. May be you stop spamming Replys… 🙁

        1. Eu Driver

          Maybe you stop ###### coments 😀 😀 btw-mod work fine 😉

    3. Reading is simple – aren’t it?


  2. TheGreenlightTrucker

    Work perfect 😉

  3. Game crashed ?

    1. Eu Driver

      not, you only not read instruction, mod work, kid 🙂 😀

      1. With the selection of the chassis the game crashes.

  4. Lilo is Good

    Runs perfectly!
    I do not understand why there are still fools who can not run this …

  5. крашь.

  6. разбилась….

  7. neranjana

    HD Video Test 1.31

  8. My game with the mod crashes too.

    1. Lilo is Good

      Try reading, it not hurts

    2. Eu Driver

      Yes, bacause kids not learn how use mods 😀

      1. I laugh at your testimony!

  9. Eu Driver

    For all who say lie: Mod work, YES? 😀

  10. Lilo… and E driver. You are so smart. I envy You so much.
    I am not a kid. I am 46 . And my game crashes too.
    Could You explain me WHICH mods and load order I must have to right work . And which tandem mods are not indicated.
    What is RJL TANDEM MOD ???
    Thanks for Your help and sorry for my english.

  11. Chapter 2
    Sometimes my game not crash but I see chassis Tandem from Kast and cannot choose them. I click on chassis and nothing happens

  12. Crashed game, can put correct link of RJL TANDEM MOD?, thanks.

  13. Miro Kuitunen

    Game crashed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Which RJL tandem mod? Capital 5.0?

  15. How to need a job for Tandem trailer?

  16. the+game+crashed,+i+have+the+rjl+tandem+mod+that+but+stil+the+game+crash.+can+i+get+some+help+please

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