Kraker/NTM Tandem addon for Next Gen Scania by Kast & Siperia v 0.1b

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Mod will add:
NTM box
NTM related parts
3 tandem chassis
VBG hook
Domar wheelcovers
And more

For support and more information about mod go to:

Kast, Capital, Flemming V, Nordisch, Siperia, Asphroxia


20 thoughts on “Kraker/NTM Tandem addon for Next Gen Scania by Kast & Siperia v 0.1b

  1. PolishDriverTruck

    HD Test 1.30…

    1. PolishdriverTrucker

      not good mod, but my best Video

      1. you’re starting to get away from my account again
        you’re from Germany

  2. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test Video…

    1. does it have a gear stick in it

    2. marco polo

      Dieser Mod für Version 1.31 funktioniert nicht abstürzen das Spiel

  3. TROLLzone Gaming
  4. Driverstein


    i have hard times to find the matching trailer,can you help me?


    1. Mak-Kyver

      check that link on description…
      “For support and more information about mod go to:“wdwwwfwdwCCX sasaW

  5. Awesome work again ? nett Time for scania 143m pls ?

  6. neranjana

    HD Video Test 1.30

  7. I can not put on tail lights

  8. how does the trailer work? the game crashes as soon as I try to select jobs

  9. @dr_jaymz

    wonderful mod but needs a fix in the rear, cant view any part of the back of the tandem truck…

  10. TruckerMarc

    Its a really nice mod but could you in the next update add a chassis with a steering axle at the back?

  11. can you make that ntm mod for Volvo fh 12&16 reworked?

  12. I mean can make that ntm&kraker mod for Volvo FH&FH16 2012 Reworked?

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