Kraker Walkingfloor Pack v 2.0 Fixed

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1.32x game version. Can own the trailers and upgrade with some options ?

FIXES: Cables for some trailers fixed, LP issues fixed, Small wheels restricted to b-link trailer and some small bits here and there adjusted and fixed.

Changes for v2.0
-Update to 1.32.x
-Ownable trailers added
-New box variants added
-Many upgrade options for trailers

-Game version 1.32.xx

-Advanced coupling
-Trailer lift axle
-Steer axle
-Company paintjob system
-Animated braces
-LOD Models
-Trailer cables
-Ownable trailers

More info and Addons:

Trailer: Kast
New skins, textures: Nordisch, Fabry85
Trailer wheels: Bora
B-link trailer wheels, Shadows, Flares: Abasstreppas
SCS for everything

Kast, Fabry85, Nordisch, Abasstreppas,Bora, Scs


5 thoughts on “Kraker Walkingfloor Pack v 2.0 Fixed

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  2. Engineer1692

    How can I make custom skins for this trailer? I found the templates, but I cant find the paintjob folder to put them in.

    1. Go to the Folders Company and Company2.
      There you find the “default”.
      Company = big Trailers
      Company2 = the Tandems.

  3. why did u limit the small wheels?

  4. darkexplorer64

    Thanks for the update. Gameplay in HD:

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