Krone Boxliner (owned) dolly addon [v1.0.0][1.33][12.01.19]

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Krone Boxliner dolly

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If you find some error, please contact me on my FB page.

Please respect download link, don’t reupload it anywhere.

Rebel8520, SCS Software


10 Responses to Krone Boxliner (owned) dolly addon [v1.0.0][1.33][12.01.19]

  1. mehrab rjl 8000 says:

    it do not work!

    • rebel8520 says:

      what is wrong? any error or you dont have dlc krone?

      • JoachimK says:

        Works perfect for me, thank you. 🙂
        I have also the Gooseneck.

        @-mehrab rjl 8000
        You must go in the Dealer to Krone and
        configure the Boxliner.

  2. mehrab rjl 8000 says:

    i have krone dlc bro
    but when i select chassis it crash the game

    • rebel8520 says:

      can you send me the error? Or game.log file from documents/ets2/game.log ?

  3. BEAST says:


  4. neranjana says:

    HD Video Test 1.33

  5. Pochtron20 says:

    hello , i like your mods Exellent THANKS Pochtron20

  6. Syahmi_Asyraff says:

    Check out my mod review:

  7. Armor says:

    It’s a nice mod, Rebel! Thank you!
    Can you put the dolly -> trailer (Boxliner) cables connection to the vertical position?
    Then it will be perfect!

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