Kronos Telemetry 0.7.1a [Android]

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Kronos telemetry is a stand-alone telemetry client for android devices. Kronos can pull data from the server (funbit’s and/or AcuSync) and print/render it in real time.
Its written fully in C# .Net 4.x, 60 scripted controllers, thousands lines of code and counting, powerful raw Json parser(by Beta Dynamics and Egersys), Realtime lighting and Post-processing

version 0.7.1a (preview build)

* [Fix] UI misplacement for 18:9 screen ratio
* [Fix] Corrected screen space computation
* [Fix] Properly handle DynamicTextures getting destroyed
* [Fix] Fixed frame rate hitches during Sprites generation
* [ADD]Parsing speed is now manageable (x1/sec, x2/sec, x3/sec, x4/sec)
* [ADD] Lighting shaders and dashboard materials
* [ADD] Game check state (Disabling unnecessary updates/calculations)
* [ADD] New GUI for Skins menu
* [ADD] Freightliner Skin
* [ADD] Renault magnum – Gen2 Skin

version 0.7.1a (hotfix)

* Only 4 skins has been ported (Man TGX [Dark and Light], Renault magnum Gen 2, Freightliner.)
* Only Server 4.0.0 is compatible
* “General” settings will allow to manage the parsing speed (/refresh rate), and Post-Fx activation
* To bring the menu up, Tap and hold “Menu” button and Drag upwards. To hide it. drag downwards.
* Renault Magnum Trip-computer is not implemented.
* crash on loading time may still happen. use fairly new devices for testing (2Gb RAM or more recommended)
* Freightliner skin has really big files (7,2Mb/texture) and may take a while to open.

– Facebook page:
– Discord server:
– Trello:
– SCS Forum:

Donation links: (if you like my work)
– Paypal:
– Ko-Fi:

Disclaimer: This serves as proof of concept project.If you want stable build, DO NOT download this version.

Credits: Weaver1911, M4rc10w, Klauzzy, PauloTNCunha

Weaver1911, M4rc10w, Klauzzy, PauloTNCunha


4 thoughts on “Kronos Telemetry 0.7.1a [Android]

  1. ben david brown

    the app doesnt even work

    1. dolblade

      What do you mean it is not working. Of course its working. I’ve download this yesterday to test it, and working like a charm.
      Just send them a message. i’m pretty sure they’ll help you out. Weaver1911 helped me in the past, and he is a really nice guy,

  2. is it possible they can make it for windows ?

    1. dolblade

      There is no official statement at the moment. But after some digging, here what i’ve found. This is a quote of direct answer to a Facebook comment. “…Do you need a PC version? Its not hard to do it…”. I’ve tried to contact Weaver, but i have no answer yet. He is busy with some personal stuff -as far as i know-, so i think he will not give me an answer right now. Sorry about that.

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