Live Physic v 1.0 for 1.33

Hello truckers this is my first mod for ETS2 1.33 version of the game.
I work on this mod about 10 days and i think is very realistic physic mod bescuse of the road surface in the game is very flat.

This mod work best with this setings in the game:
Trailer stability minimum
Steering sensitivity minimum
Brake sensitivity on the half
Camera physic high

Next u must to when u enter in the game to open console and type next parametras.
g_suspension_stiffness 0.2
g_truck_stability 0.5

Then save game and restart game.

This physic mod is maked for wheel and mouse.
Not tested on keyboard.
I recomended to download Asphalt patch 1.4 for better realism of the roads.

This mod work with all truck in the game.

I hope u enjoy in my first mod.



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