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Combo Pack (5700!) For 22 real logistics company’s , made by Rudy. v2.1

NEW: The RJL Scania R & Streamline skins! (ca. 55 skins!)
DAF XF, Iveco Hi-Way, Iveco Stralis, MAN TGX, Mercedes Actros, Mercedes Actros2014,
Renault Magnum, Renault Premium, Scania R 2009, Scania Streamline & Classic Volvo FH16, FH Vovlo 2012 Design.

All skins are suitable for any type of standard cabins. You can find them in the stock and colors in the paint shops. (Just above the default colors). Some companies have multiple skins to choose from.
All the 22 companies are provide with atleast 4 different trailers and are available on the job market.
(Suggestion / tip: Combine this mod with trailer pack from Jazzycat, this will give an extra combo’s possibelities)
I tried to make the skins ase real as posible.

Grtz Rudy’s:
DB Schenker,
de Rijke,
Geodis (BM & Calberson)
Gruber Logistics,
Jan de Rijk,
Kuehne Nagel,
Norbert Dentressangle,
Post Kogeko,
Reinert Logistics,
Simon Loos,
Vos Logistics,
Wim Bosman.

(Any suggestions for new company’s? Please let me know!)

If you want, feel free to sponsor this project on paypal! Thank you in advance 🙂

Grtz Rudy



40 Responses to Mega Combo Pack V2.1

  1. Balazs says:

    I have some suggestion:

    – Gartner KG
    – Waberer’s
    – Duvenbeck

  2. Quent1_Fr says:

    Hi, I like your ModPack but can you add Lidl in the next version of your mod
    Please 😉

    • sjonnie says:

      If possible, then I’d love to see the skin of my employer….bakker transport & warehousing, situated in the small town of heerenveen, in the Netherlands.

      Thanks in advance!

      • Rudy says:

        Ik zat er zelf ook al eens aan te denken, maar nu jij dit ook graag wil doe ik bij deze het graag! Ik ben eerst nog even bezig aan een andere update, maar daarna zal ik Bakker groep zeker toevoegen.

        • tijdreiziger54 says:

          Als je toch op de Noordnederlandse toer gaat: als suggestie zou ik je ook Kamphuis Transport uit Veendam willen geven. Mocht je dit doen, alvast bedankt!

  3. Jan says:


  4. Adrian says:

    why my game crash with this pack?doesn’t work with other trailer mods?

  5. cricri1386 says:

    It doesn’t work with new Update… 🙁

  6. eusebio1 says:

    Great pack, works perfectly and no crashes for me!

    Could you add Eddie Stobart skins? The company has many subdivisions (Automotive,Biomass,Rail,Oakfield) that could be included.

  7. xskrtzx says:

    Good mod guys. Increase realistic feel in game. Also Good for traffic. Nice!

  8. Kareto says:

    Michalec also 🙂

  9. leon says:

    Hi great mod. Is it possible to make a combo or the skin van Dijkstra Plastics. Haaksbergen. I think that you really want to make that is really nice. Please thanks you with great regrads léon

  10. Markus says:

    Hallo Jungs, erstmals ich finde eure Mods sehr gut. Wäre es möglich, einen Wiesenhof, einen Nordfrost und einen Offergeld Skin zu erstellen?

  11. Leonox says:

    many thanks for this fantastic mega pack Rudy,can you add skin for the Scania Torpedo by RJL

  12. rjf says:

    can you add weeda transport thank you for the cool mod 🙂

  13. Scania driver says:

    Hi,good mod,but,why you don’t add skin for awesome trucks?scaniaR2008 by 50 keda,iveco strator by shoofer,daf & volvo2012 by ohaha,and add a weeda,DHL,Eddie stobart & others.

    • HenriqueSantos says:

      You’re getting a great job for a zero cost
      So instead of just complaining ..
      Why do not you just say thank you?
      For complaining, anyone complains,
      but to present a good real work is not for everyone.

  14. JPM SHIPPING says:

    WOW! GREAT MOD! Works great for me, using it on TSM Map 6.2.

  15. chiel says:

    i like that you do the skin of mandersloot b.v scherpenzeel for the Schmitz coolliner and the truck Scania highline, new and old Volvo skin and daf euro 6 ?
    i hope to hear from you soon

  16. HenriqueSantos says:

    working perfect in ETS² and Promods 2.0
    this is one good working
    thank’s for shared..

    • Mr_Catweazle says:

      Can you make two separate mods. 1 truck and 1 trailer. So people can make the desision to have a part of the mod or the complete mod. When i load your mod my game crashes. I think it has something to do with the trailers. I thing it’s conflicting with Jazzycats trailer mod.

    • Rudy says:

      Thank You very much!! I hate to make youtube movies, so this is great! 🙂

  17. Niska du 76 says:

    very good work CONGRATULATION !! 😉

  18. Rudy says:

    Thank you all for the nice commends! I will consider which of you’re suggestions are usefull for the next update, because it are to many to make in next few weeks 🙂

  19. rjf says:

    in version 3.0. can you add more skins for rjl scania r & maybe the scania t love your work Rudy thanks

  20. Horror_LP says:

    Hey, cooler Mod / Skin Pack! Die Skins passen perfekt zu Jazzycats Trailer Pack und auch sonst sehen sie top aus.

    Also I have a request. Could you make a skin for the companie TX Logistiks? I would be happy about that.



  21. Frankiee says:

    Great MOD, thx!!!
    Next version, HUNGAROCAMION skin, please! 🙂

  22. tomzockt says:

    These are my suggestions for additional companies:

    -Vögel Transporte
    -Gartner KG
    -Willy Betz
    -RiCö (I know that there is no longer the company)



  23. henkifod says:


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