Mod for Steering Wheel of 180-270 Degrees for ETS2 1.30.XX

Update of this mod for version 1.30.XX of ETS2, also works for ATS 1.29.XX

This mod makes fliers that are NOT 900 degrees, for example fliers 180 or 270 degrees are much more manageable in the game.

The mod facilitates and smoothes a lot the driving with this type of steering wheels that sometimes have a very sharp turn,
due to the few degrees they have. Important, place the subtype of the controller in “controller”.
If it is placed in the “flyer” option, the mod will not take effect.
Remember, the “controller” option, and then place the sensitivity to your liking. For more information,
please follow the video. It has subtitles in English for better understanding of the settings.

Author Rockeropasiempre

weight: 107 KB



4 Responses to Mod for Steering Wheel of 180-270 Degrees for ETS2 1.30.XX

  1. Istvan Szekeres says:

    És működik a régi kormánnyal… Thank you!!!

  2. PaulCMT says:

    Works on 1.28?

  3. Asgard says:

    Work on multiplayer?

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