MohSkinner Pack Krone Profiliner 0.2 – ETS2 1.33

Extract winrar then put the scs file in ↓

My Documents → Euro Truck Simulator 2 → mod folder

Tested 1.33

Respect my work, if share keep the original link,

More Images :[email protected]/

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6 thoughts on “MohSkinner Pack Krone Profiliner 0.2 – ETS2 1.33

  1. MohSkinner

    I want to ask you a question : Why do not you talk to others?
    Because I think you are not Be fair.
    Why do not you talk to your friends? ,skinners are also using this work? ,Are you afraid of them?
    You are afraid of professionals Skinners and Inhibit beginners Skinners,Thank you,I’m designing it from A to Z,Others do you help others I do not see that,Who wants to learn goes to YouTube, I have not learned from you Truck Skins just how to add a trailer in ETS2STUDIO,I am learning in youtube.
    You did not speak anywhere
    I spoke only in my article
    You have not seen others
    You are unfair
    I know long time ago You are the owner of tutorials ETS2Studio For this Forgive you.
    Do not talk to me again
    Regards MohSkinner Moh

    1. Bonjour le mod ne fonctionne pas….comment faire la peau de FIXEMER,était intéressante

    2. I answered maybe someone has deleted the com.Non I’m afraid of anyone you should read more the comm .. so you understand if I have friends or not. I was glad you talked about the tutorial, I do not have youtube and was stolen is uploaded, shared it only on this forum and someone has also insulted me (go read), and I do not take credits for the skins (only passion) and then I’m not as bad as you think.
      I will not talk + with you as you wrote, but you can not stop writing what I think.
      CiaoZ e non arrabbiarti

      1. MohSkinner

        1- I am a beginner Skinner.
        2- I’m designing from A to Z.
        3- The person who will learn very easy will go to youtube only.
        4- Thank you and Be fair Zoso Talk to everyone Not just me.
        yves69 I have work 100/100

  2. You wished to misinterpret my comme..I never said you stole,
    and I hope that you too become a great skinner, and also studying the unblocked mods and are not envious,
    I’m not a skinner or even modders, I can do little but if I can help I’m always available for everyone and for you. But I can not stand those who block the skin, on ETS2studio the option to block the mods was removed for these reasons .

  3. MohSkinner

    I know that Thank you CiaoZ And regards to you, Important this time I will put Skin Example For Trailer, See you Next Pack

    MohSkinner Pack Trailers 0.4 – ETS2 1.33

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