Multiple Al Traffic v1.0


+Mod work on v.1.17.x and test on 1.18.x.
+Compatible with Original & TSM maps.
+This mod will increase density Al traffic in game,careful when going cross the road because they can bump into your truck anytime but didn’t need to care who you are =))

P/s: Please, show your respect by the way didn’t upload again my mod,if you’re want to share in another forum or blog then you’re can copy original link in this topic.

Tks you all !!!


DOWNLOAD 371 KB [sharemods]

33 Responses to Multiple Al Traffic v1.0

  1. Nhocsocksd says:

    Wow,great mod Thalken !!!

  2. hore says:

    just ask what software u use make that traffic

  3. Thalken says:

    Mod maker and some resource i’m collect form scs.

  4. wegger says:

    Nice mod!

  5. sunnoco says:

    Excellent job! Thank you for sharing and keep up the great and hard work!

    P.S. A little tip for those with DLC Scandinavia: just add in def/world/sign.sii the others signs definition, from 1489 (if I remember correct; last line from Thalken mod) till 1524 (from default ETS 2 sign.sii – Scandinavia DLC), otherwise you’ll have a few red lines (missing signs) in log file. πŸ˜‰

    • Thalken says:

      thanks you Sunnoco,it so helpful

      • sunnoco says:

        Your very welcome Thalken. I like so much your mod, because the traffic it’s so close to real life (they overtake on continuous line, brake suddenly in front of you, bump to each other etc), which make us to drive more carefully. And with your mod and Jazzycat, Taina 95, alkonavt96 etc AI traffic mods enabled, we see more often various vehicles and we have a really jam in traffic! πŸ˜‰
        Once again, thank you so much for sharing Thalken and congratulations for your idea and your hard work.

    • Nhocsocksd says:

      I can’t open .sii file and how to add like you say sunnoco??? plz guide me

      • sunnoco says:

        It’s easy to do but much to write. :)… I’ll just hope to be more explicit so all information will help you to modify the file and enjoy the great mod made by Thalken.
        First of all, I’ll suppose you already extract the “def” file from ETS2 with scs extractor. If you did this, just skip the explanations from “A” and go directly to “B”. If you don’t, then, follow the below steps:
        A. Steps:
        1. download the “scs_extractor archive.scs [output_path]” from ETS 2 official site:
        2. Then, you can use WinRar Trial Version or 7Zip (last one it’s free and it’s very good) to extract the downloaded file in My Documents (for instance);
        3. Then, copy the “def” file (and “base” if you want to make other mods) from:
        C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Euro Truck Simulator 2\ (for Steam users; for Non-Steam users I think you’ll find “def” and “base” files in C:\Program Files\Euro Truck Simulator 2\);
        4. After copy just drag and drop the “def” file (same for “base” if you want) over the “scs_extractor”.
        5. Then, in folder:
        you’ll find “sign.sii”file (without quote).
        6. To open it, you can use Notepad ++ (it’s a powerful text and hex editor) or default Notepad from Windows:

        To open “sign.sii” file, just:
        -> right click on it -> Open with -> Browse -> Program files -> Notepad ++ -> notepad ++.exe -> Open -> OK (don’t forget to enable “Always use this program as default”, otherwise you’ll need to do all the time this steps).

        B. If you already did all steps above, then please follow the bellow steps:

        1.Open with Notepad ++ the default ETS 2 “sign.sii” file from folder \def\world\ (where you just extracted your def files). As I said before (at “A”), to open “sign.sii” file, just:

        -> right click on it -> Open with -> Browse -> Program files -> Notepad ++ -> notepad ++.exe -> Open -> OK (don’t forget to enable “Always use this program as default”, otherwise you’ll need to do all the time this steps).

        2. After you open it the default “sign.sii” file, just GO to LINE 21872 in Notepad ++ (it’s line with sign.1490 – to be easy to find:
        sign_model : sign.1490 {… ).

        3. From there, just SELECT and COPY from line 21872 in Notepad ++ till the end of the document -> line 22363 in Notepad ++, which is:

        }” (without quotes, of course, and I let a few more lines, just to guide you) .

        So, I’ll resume, to avoid any mistakes:
        -> SELECT from line 21872 till line 22363 (inclusive);
        -> COPY (CTRL+C) entire rows from line 21872 to 2263 (inclusive);

        3. Close this default ETS 2 “sign.sii” file;

        4. Open “sign.sii” file from Thalken’s mod (which is also in “\def’\world\” folder; no need to extract it! Just double click on Thalken’s mod, then go to \def\world\ and open “sign.sii” file. DO NOT CLOSE the archive (Thaken’s mod) till you’ll make your modifications!;

        4. With “sign.sii” file from Thalken’s mod open just go to the end of the document, SELECT and DELETE those two brackets (line 21840 and line 21841 in Notepad ++);

        5. PASTE (CTRL+V) at the end of the Thalken’s document. So, you’ll must have something like this (without quotes or dots!):


        sign_model : sign.1489 {

        sign_name: “logo mercedes old entrance sign”

        model_desc: “/model/sign/truck_company_logos/mercedes/entrance_sign.pmd”
        model_coll: “/model/sign/truck_company_logos/mercedes/entrance_sign.pmc”
        look_name: default
        dynamic: false

        sign_model : sign.1490 {

        sign_name: “hw exit sr left swe”

        model_desc: “/model/sign/navigation/swe/hw_exit_sr_left_swe.pmd”
        model_coll: “/model/sign/navigation/swe/hw_exit_sr_left_swe.pmc”
        look_name: default
        category: “signs/swe-navigation”
        editable: true

        dynamic: false
        distance_type: 2
        mass: 100



        sign_model : sign.1524 {

        sign_name: “d rostock left”

        model_desc: “/model/sign/traffic/d_rostock_left.pmd”
        model_coll: “/model/sign/traffic/d_rostock_left.pmc”
        look_name: default
        category: “signs/de”

        dynamic: true
        distance_type: 2
        mass: 100


        6. Then, in Notepad ++, SAVE

        7. Then, also in Notepad ++, FILE -> CLOSE and THEN CLOSE NOTEPAD ++

        8. After you’ll close Notepad ++ you’ll see in your archive a message:
        ” File ‘sign.sii’ was modified.
        Do you want to update it in the archive?”

        9. Just click “OK” and you succeeded to modify Thalken’s “sign.sii” file ! Now you can enjoy his great mod without any “red lines” in log file, if you have Scandinavia DLC.

        Wasn’t hard, isn’t it? As I said before, was much to write and explain then you’ll do it!:)… Much simple for me (and also for you) was to copy-paste here my modifications and you (and others, perhaps) just paste it, but I decided not to do it, because like this I just hope you’ll learn a little how to make any modifications in “.sii” files, if you’ll want in future to make your own mods.
        A little tip in Notepad ++ for modding: enable “Compare” plug-in, because it’s very useful to compare and modify as you like the existing “.sii” files.

        If you’ll have any troubles with my explanations (I tried to be more explicit and detailed) don’t hesitate to write here and I’ll be glad to help you, because I like to help people and also I like so much to drive (cars) in real life (and in this game:) ). That’s why I like this game so much and especially Thalken’s mod, because I have possibility to keep my reflexes for real life and also to learn from my mistakes made when I drive in this game)…
        Good luck Nhocsocksd and, as I always said, drive safe in real life!;)

        • Nhocsocksd says:

          Thank you so much Sunnoco,i was understand.

          ***Trivia: Hey Thalken, i saw on website has some trailers and trailers pack name author like you. Is that you??? if truly is you i can’t say whatever… Apart from one word “PEAK” !!!

          • Thalken says:

            Yep it’s me, has problem about my trailers pack??? it’s not work in your game???

      • Thalken says:

        Very clearly Sunoco, maybe in 2 or 3 next week i will release next version,now i still search something new for version 1.1 πŸ˜€

  6. Soe says:

    This mod so amazing,i test in 15m and truck bump into me 2 times,them drive like drunk in night and very realistic =)). Good work Thalken,for me this mod is work 100% perfect, for a long time when mod Mega Traffic is not working on v1.1x.x,in that time i saw on web has some traffic mod but them not really success. Actually i’m very surprised because v.1.18.x release for 3 days then you can make this mod, i’m a big fan of traffic… Like Sunnoco once again tks you so much about this mod,hope in next time you will has more mod like this.

    • Thalken says:

      Thanks Sunnoco and Soe, i’m so grateful about compliment both of you,hope in next version will make you more satisfied. πŸ˜€

  7. wegger says:

    Stunning mod!

    Problem: The traffic disappears with DLC Scandinavia

    Update please

  8. Thalken says:

    Thanks you for report about errors Wegger, i’ll fix these errors in next update πŸ˜€

  9. sunnoco says:

    Your very welcome Nhocsocksd. Glad that I could help a little. If you (or anybody else) have other questions about making mods don’t hesitate to ask me and I’ll be glad to help you (of course, if I’ll know the answer, because, after almost two years of making my mods I’m still a beginner in blender and making mods). But, as I said before, I like to help people (as much as I can, of course). Due to copyright infringement (even if I used pictures with CC0 statement) and because I’m a legal counselor, I can’t afford to break any law. If I’ll have time, I’ll change them only with ETS2 “.dds / pmg etc” files and then I’ll share it with you, because I haven’t seen any my ideas till now. Of course, only if I’ll have time and… patience to do this (because I’m not a patience man! Mea culpa!) :)…
    A little tip for all of you who want to share your mods: due to copyright infringement, use only those (pictures, dds, pmg etc) under ETS 2 license or you can use only those under CC0 Public Domain statement! ;)… And even like this (with CC0) isn’t a bad idea to ask permission from owners to use or modify their pictures/pmg/mods etc., before you’ll share it! ;)… Otherwise, you’ll never know when you’ll “jump” into a law suit! Maybe, never, but… never say never!:)… Anyway, this it’s just a free tip. :)… I’ll “rest my case” with a little joke about this:
    A guy asked a lawyer: How much will cost me to ask you two questions? The lawyer answered: 100Euro! Next (last) question, please!:)…

  10. sunnoco says:

    Also, your very welcome Thalken. You deserve it! As I said before, keep up the great and hard work (because I know how much time you need to make mods!)…
    About your mod, yesterday night, for instance, I saw a car in front of me who overtake a truck even if from opposite lane came another truck and definitely he had no time to overtake , which was like in real life with undisciplined drivers. Of course, he bumped the other truck! After accident, because (I suppose) I was behind him, he returned on his lane. After awhile, same case, but because I was far behind from the accident, entire AI traffic, jammed. That, forced me to return and find another route (because I use this game as a driving simulator not as a game, which mean I always drive in game as in real life!;)… Of course, here, I can afford to break only one rule: speed!:)…)…
    In a word, your mod made AI traffic so unpredictable, like in real life! That’s why I like it so much your mod!
    So, once again, Thalken, thank you so much for sharing and I can’t wait your next mods and patches (maybe, if you’ll have time, you’ll make them to overtake on the right side also or stop suddenly without any reason etc. It’s just an idea). Gambatte, Thalken! πŸ˜‰

    • Thalken says:

      That’s a great idea Sunnoco i will record,although i create this mod, but all of you are test gameplay more than me and sometimes you find something very funny like Soe say drive like drunk in night,when i read this comment i’m so funny and happy because can make traffic in game realistic like real. And like you say Sunnoco when we playing games, we can learn how to safe drive in real life.

      +Bonus: My trailers mod pack

      • Nhocsocksd says:

        A great idea Sunnoco, and hope Thalken can make it in new version, say truely i has a little suprise when see your trailers mod, i think your only create this traffic mod :v everything is worked very good.

  11. Kenny says:

    Could someone just upload the modded file for the Scandinavia DLC? Would be awesome man.

    • Thalken says:

      What the matter bro??? My mod worked for all DLC East and North + TSM, so you don’t need to worried

  12. Thalken says:

    i’m has good news for next update :d. Car disappear was fix (report of Wegger), sign updates (Sunnoco support), and now i still dev my mod for complete + add some crazy idea in that =))

    • Darklord says:

      i can’t wait for next version,work hard and very great,hope for your idea will succeed!!!

    • sunnoco says:

      Wow! EXCELLENT JOB, Thalken! CONGRATULATIONS for this! You’re the best! I become a big fan of your mods (I tried also your trailers pack and I like it so much! Very nice trailers! Thank you for that, also. Thalken!)…
      Then, I can’t wait your next patch and see their behavior in traffic! So, if I understood correctly, in your next patch we’ll have more undisciplined drivers, which will make this game much closer to real life!;)…. Once again, congratulations and a big thank you for sharing, Thalken! Keep up the great and hard work, Thalken!

      P.S. If you want to maintain or improve your intuition, reflections and driving skills, I recommend to ride your bicycle in park (if your law do not forbid this!) on rush hour, especially when there are many children, because they’re so unpredictable and almost always they’ll jump in front of you. Try to ride your bike with maximum speed and drive as you drive your car (with maximum caution!) ;)… In Asia, in ancient times, the greatest doctors were considered those who did not have many patients! That mean, it’s always better to prevent than to cure! ;)… Same for driving!; )
      So, the goal of this training is, of course, like when you drive your car: DO NOT HIT ANYTHING! Especially pedestrians! ;)… In 36 years of driving my bikes and 23 years of driving my cars, I haven’t hit anything! ;)… But, I’ll have plenty of time to do this!:))… Just kidding! God forbid! ;)…
      Take care of you Thalken and have a great weekend, with many same great ideas of making mods!;)

      • Thalken says:

        +i’m live in Asian you knows Viet Nam??? in my country 75% going out side by motorbike and 20% is cars, only some a little ride bicycle 5%. Yesterday i’m going outside by motorbike when raining and see so much people bump into together, big part is lady cause of accident, so sad about that, i don’t know what are they thinking… passing red light when big rain πŸ™

        +In new update maybe i will put into some activity,like stopped not reason,pass red light when raining like a said in upper.

        • Soe says:

          Thalken,you make me this surprise come another surprise,i not thinking you live in asian,because you write English so good and create so much mod, i can’t believe it, just to know is very very admiration to you.

        • sunnoco says:

          Congratulations for your English, Thalken! You speek very good English! It’s a common language in your country or you studied in school / college? About your country, Viet Nam, I don’t know too much things, except the ones that I learned in school or from TV set. Because I practice martial arts since childhood (now it’s only a way of life for me), I know a few things about your traditional martial art, Viet Vo Dao (it’s not my martial art, but I like to know about all martial arts from entire world)… For instance, I had no idea that in your country it’s like in Thailand: many motorcycles than cars. Very interesting, but also very dangerous to drive, I suppose. That’s why I wish you, Thalken, to drive carefully all the time and have no accidents in this life!… If you want, please tell me more about your country, Thalken, because, as I said before, I like Asian culture and people. Most of Asian people still have traditional respect for life values : family, honor, polite, tradition etc) and I like this. Life without solid values and true love, it’s empty, in my opinion… Also, Asian women still have the most important quality at a woman (in my opinion, of course): femininity!;)… Since I was a kid, I dreamed to marry with an Asian woman, but I was too stupid to full fill my dream, even if I had a chance to do it!:))…
          Take care of yourself, Thalken and have a great week. I must go now, but I’ll hope tonight I’ll have time to modify a few of my mods and share it with you guys. Same for all guys from here, have a great week, because, all of you seem to me to be like Thalken, nice persons. I like nice persons, but I hate rude ones. Btw: do you know why women love silent men? Because they think that those men listened them!:)… I prefer to talk this life as much as I can, because I’m sure we’ll be all silent in next one!:)… As a teacher from law said:”lack of communication, it’s more grave than even a bad communication!” ;)…
          Thalken, I can’t wait your next patch! So, please hurry!:)… And don’t forget to smile!;)… As Murphy said:”Smile! Tomorrow will be… worst!”:))…

          • Thalken says:

            Tks you Sunnoco,I uploaded new version 1.1,hope you and everybody will be like it πŸ˜€

  13. sunnoco says:

    Your very welcome Thalken. I already wrote you there. I like it so much your new version! Once again, congratulations and keep up the great and hard work!

  14. Zim0n says:

    Hi, thalken.

    I have never downloaded a mod before and i wonder what i need to do to download this mod?! And what file do i need or sharemods?
    Can you or someone plz give me a tutorial how to download this or what ever mod i whant to download? Sorry for my bad english!

  15. Zimon says:

    Hi, thalken.
    I have never downloaded a mod before and i wonder what i need to do to download this mod?! And what file do i need or sharemods?
    Can you or someone plz give me a tutorial how to download this or what ever mod i whant to download? Sorry for my bad english!

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