NEW NEFAZ 9334 Trailers Pack ETS2 v1.49.x (v2.2)

Features of the mod:
Completely autonomous, does not replace anything.
Sold by NEFAZ trailer modification dealer.
Has its own cargo in various directions. (see below)
This is a new flatbed body, with high quality detailing!!!
The flatbed body is a new model). (Alteration by @MaxX_Agent@)
The tilt body is a new model. (Alteration by @MaxX_Agent@)
All bodies and tanks are painted in all colors of the rainbow.
Each body has its own and individual cargo!
All goods work only in our own company!
The flatbed body is divided into 3 types, which have their own loads.
There are tanks for transporting fuel (fuels and lubricants).
There is an onboard body for transporting gasoline, kerosene and other fuels and lubricants. (Bort-S)
Separate cargo for construction materials (works on Bort-B).
Separate cargo for fuel (fuel and lubricants) (works on Bort-C).
Various pallet loads (works on Bort-A).

Changes in v2.0:
Full adaptation and envelope for ETS2 version 1.49.
Rear license plates on both chassis have been corrected.
Updated collision on the tank and awning body.
The landing of the rear wheels on the road chassis has been lowered.
The layout of the tank and side body has been updated.
The tent body has been updated and its paint scheme has been changed.
More than 23 new skins have been created, of which 15 are Russian companies and 8 are dirty.
A realistic trailer dealer icon has been created – NEFAZ.
Added multiplayer support and convoy mode.

Changes in v2.1:
Shadows on all types of bodies have been completely corrected. (from 01/25/2024)

Latest changes in v2.2: (from 01/29/2024)
The loading of all cargo on Bort-B has been completely fixed (Now everything works!!!)
2 more new loads have been added for Bort-B, these are aluminum profiles and aluminum ingot.
Added support for all 24 cargoes for Bort-B from Flatbed SCS Software.
Fixed collision of some cargo.
Fixed the display of shadows of some cargoes.
Added chrome tank.
Removed unused mod files.
All errors of the previous version have been completely fixed.
The log in the game is 100% clean.

Support for original skins from @MaxX_Agent@ —> (v2.0 update from 2024)

Test on ETS2 version:
Working on the previous version 1.48 is supported.

Authors: @MaxX_Agent@ and KORAL.
Author of new bodies: @MaxX_Agent@.
Author of the Army and Rust skins: @MaxX_Agent@.
Creator of 23 skins for the tent body: @MaxX_Agent@.
The entire mod was created on the basis of the old NEFAZ-9334 from the author of KORAL.

DOWNLOAD 159 MB [mirror]

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