New UI for ETS 2 and ATS v1.0

Branded and cleared route advisor
Cleared in-game windows
New loading screen frame
Realistic dozing texture
Driver’s hair in the 84th driver’s picture was fixed. (LoL)
Small parts selection points turned from red to yellow on the vehicle edit screen.
The capture button turned from red to yellow on the photo mode.
New cursors (Cursor textures often do not appear because it doesn’t load while mods loading 🙁 )
The magnifying glass icon is softened on the workers search screen. (And 1-2 more…)
New sliding buttons
New clicking button
New radio volume slider
New player icon on the map
Removed arrow next to the links.
New “DRIVE” button

The mode is compatible with almost all ETS 2 and ATS versions.

(Sorry for my bad English.)



5 thoughts on “New UI for ETS 2 and ATS v1.0

  1. Oh, that looks horrible 🙁

    1. Yes, infographic is a little horrible. But this mode was pretty clean. You’ll see it when you install it 😉

  2. Will this fixed version come for ATS?

    1. Sorry, I would comment to “”

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