New Weather WG-8

new-weather-1 new-weather-2 new-weather-3

The new version of the weather WG.

In mod climates ProMods and EAA, powerful skybox.
In the presence of the moon and stars.

Test 1.26

Authors: Grant, piva


10 thoughts on “New Weather WG-8

  1. VIDEO ????

    1. Groningen won’t be able to make video. He even stole screenshots from me)))
      Here so the screenshot was visible initially:
      The inscription SSD is visible to you?

  2. vladislav 44

    And the maps Mario 12.1 will work, and how to put the weather there already?

  3. Гронинген, теперь расскажи людям, кто такой Grant. А мы посмеемся))

  4. spartacus33

    Exact……. same as the original “Map_Weather_by_Term99_v1.1”

    1. No. This continuation Realistic

  5. Great mod! Brightens up the dark game. Thanks!

  6. spartacus33

    Thanks to authors… perfect

  7. spartacus33

    Work with MarioMap ??? i will like to replace the MM weather mod by this amazing and clear mod…
    In my second profil, this New Weather WG-8 work very perfect on RM + SR and Promods…
    Thanks in advance to answer.

    Thanks to Author[s]

  8. It doesen’t works when you arrive to the going est DLC, sky becomes black!!

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