No Barriers

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Maud removes collision points on the fare, you just are passing
through them and you will be charged the fare.
It works on all versions.



14 Responses to No Barriers

  1. spartacus33 says:

    Just for don’t stop (win time) but paiement stay… a good idea !!!
    Thanks to author…

  2. Tom S. says:

    Thank you. The brake pads are happy … also the front bumper.

  3. RTG says:

    Works on all maps and all versions of the game

  4. Smith says:

    I don’t know. Files from 2012????

  5. bjokole says:

    The mod seems unrealistic. The barrier itself should have been removed. But the idea is good đŸ™‚

  6. Heinz says:


  7. spartacus33 says:

    i report here…
    2 days with this Mod & work perfect with Promods 2.11 & last RusMap1.7 (with 2 DLC on 1.25xxx)
    i put this mod on Mod Manager in down (last of list) and all is ok…
    Thanks to author…

  8. Heinz says:

    Have you visited Austria?

  9. Heinz says:

    Have you visited Austria? Works also good in Austria? No red Textures?

  10. Rox says:

    I confirm there is a red texture error in 2 tollgate in Austria please fix it !!!

  11. Rodrigo Contreras F says:

    Does anyone know if is working on Vive la France DLC (1.26.x) with promods 2.15?

  12. alex495 says:

    isn t working on 2.27. The barriers aren t even getting up when you are close to them, about going through them ,impossible..

  13. Spyke says:

    We really need an update to this mod. :/ Doesn’t working on the latest version either. :/

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