No damage v 2.0

Updated for 1.36.x

Mod disables damage to all trucks, trailers and own trailers in the game ETS 2
Your transported cargo will always be intact (undamaged)
Connect with high priority (above all mods)



5 thoughts on “No damage v 2.0

  1. Dillinger Johnny

    Thank you so much for this mod
    For my humble opinion this is not the right action.However,this is a good mod

    1. Mathonner

      I mean it is a good mod for beginners who are not really used to truck in the game and damage quite often their truck, it’s a good mod to begin in ETS 2

    2. What is the password to extract the file?

  2. dont seem to work anymore or im doing it wrong

  3. Southovheaven

    If ets2 is to hard for you, you need this mod.

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