[Official] Air Ride B Series v 1.0 By Momo

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This “B series” is a sequel of its sister “A series” published before.
They are not the same. This B series acts differently from the A series. They both are good so it’s up to the player’s personal preference. Choose to play with only one of them at a time, do not use both at the same time.

This B series however is extracted from Momo’s Physics 4.2 mod. So if you are using my Physics 4.2 mod. You don’t need this B series.

For more information on this mod please refer to the page below:


– Compatible with all trucks, must be higher than truck mods.
– Compatible with physics mods, must be higher than physics mods.
– Game patch 1.30, 1.28, 1.27 compatible and earlier versions.
– You have to enable the camera physics in the game option and slide its bar to maximum.


– You are not allowed to re-post by another download link.
– You are not allowed to change the name and re-post.
– Only use my original download link to re-post.


Tips are always appreciated.


“Momo’s mods”


Momo, Yuna



5 thoughts on “[Official] Air Ride B Series v 1.0 By Momo

  1. Instead of making a video showing what an air seat is, show a video showcasing your mod. Right now this mod doesn’t work for me and neither did the previous version with camera physics enabled and slider to max. Being an actual lorry driver IRL – I know what to expect from an airseat and this does nothing??

    1. Momo (the Author)

      I also use both of the mods for myself. They really work in my game. I would not publish anything that does not work on myself. I have been using it everyday. (as i play the game everyday). And the difference is very obvious from the vanilla. You cannot miss it if you get it right.

  2. virtual steering attendant


  3. Alejandro

    Hey Momo! I think somebody is stealing your work, maybe… https://ets2.lt/en/airdrive-realistic-1-0/

  4. Thank you Momo for letting me find your mod again. I was lost without it today (12/26). I will also try the C Series. Take care.

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