[Official] Realistic Graphics Mod v1.7.9 – by Frkn64

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Visit the Steam Workshop page for more information and pictures about the mod: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=699670870
• Completely new flares.
• Realistic light reflections.
• Completely new skybox(Moon added.)
• Improved climate.
• Realistic road textures.
• No bugs.
• SGate’s weather mod and Abasstreppas’s light flares included.
❗ Attention ❗ In your graphics settings, High Dynamic Range and Color Correction options must be selected while using the mod.

UPDATE v1.7.9:
– Fixed “sun_hdr” warning in console.
– Fixed speed limit problem in UK.
– Added loading screens.
– Light improvements(City and vehicles)

————————– COPYRIGHT INFORMATION ————————–
Don’t edit the mod files without our permission!
Don’t change the link while sharing this mod on other sites!
If you do these, a copyright infringement will be reported to the administration of the site you shared our mod.

Frkn64 Modding


46 thoughts on “[Official] Realistic Graphics Mod v1.7.9 – by Frkn64

  1. PolishDriverTruck

    HD Video Test 1.27…

    1. Frkn64-Modding

      Thanks for video.

  2. Does it work with promods or does it need the promods addon file?
    If it needs the promods addon, please make it downloadable from the web.

    Thanks 🙂

    1. Frkn64-Modding

      The addons are already included to zip file of the mod. You’re welcome 🙂

  3. Thank you! I will test this mod today! but let me please understand, HDR should be activated in game settings while in the previous version should have been off. is this correct?

    1. Frkn64-Modding

      Yes, HDR must be activated anymore while using the mod.

  4. Leif Knudsen

    Very nice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. If you don’t enable HDR what will happen?

    1. Frkn64-Modding

      Graphical corruptions happens.

  6. Leif Knudsen

    I had your last mod and that was wow 🙂

    1. Frkn64-Modding


  7. Ist diese Version Kompatibel mit, Promods_v216 ??

    1. Frkn64-Modding

      Promods Compatibility Addon included to zip file of the mod.

  8. [Official] … by Frkn64

    You forgot about SGate.
    Or you did this skyboxes by yourself?

    1. Frkn64-Modding

      Did you read the description?

  9. It’s don’t work with PM2.16+RusMap1.72+PB2.4

    1. Frkn64-Modding

      The mod is only tested with additional Promods map. And the Promods compatibility addon available in zip file.

  10. Alexandar

    Fantastic job,thanks so much!

    1. Frkn64-Modding

      You’re welcome 🙂

  11. indeed everything looks very nice, especially evenings and early mornings! only tested on Vanilla map, however I noticed an add-on for ProMods. how about other standalone maps, is anyhow related to map files?

  12. I’m using Promods and map of Norway, Sweden, Finland not darkens the night. Is this an effect of the graphic mod?

    1. Frkn64-Modding

      The sky is not darkening in real life in those regions. So, this is not a bug.

      1. OK, Thank!! great work!!!

  13. mstfcbngl

    eline sağlık çok güzel bi mod fakat ben ışıkları yaktığımda renkli led ışık gibi ışıltılar beliriyor farın önünde üstünde felan neden böyle yapıyo olabilir hdr ve renk düzenlemesi açık

    1. mstfcbngl

      tamam hallettim mod sıralamasında üstlerde olması gerekiyormuş

  14. includes SGate’s weather, meaning what? Your skyboxes/weather is actually his?

    1. Frkn64-Modding

      Yes. SGate’s skybox used in the mod.

  15. TracyWest

    Can use in Promods+RusMap?

  16. It works with PM2.16+RM1.7.2+PB2.4
    Correct sequence: http://files.tinypic.pl/i/00909/il7n0vixpbk8.jpg
    File “DarkerGraphicsAddon” must be under file “PromodsCompatibilityAddon”.

    Enjoy 🙂

  17. Zayyoz_ETS2

    support v1.26 ?

  18. Very nice mod only one thing I would like you to do if possible can you convert the skybox pmg to the correct file version please it’s wrong version thanks.

    1. CyrusTheVirus

      He will not fix that bug because he simply does not know how to fix it only knows how to copy the SGate mod and put his name

  19. Can it use in Promods v2.17 and Rusmap V1.7.3?

  20. Beautiful mod 🙂

  21. Captain Picardo

    Is this the same one that’s on steam? And if so, do you update that one as well?

  22. SilverGate

    This mod is ####, textures too old and too much fog on the road, I prefer the PIVA graphic mod this is more real than this mod

  23. H.Trucker

    Nice mod. I recommend no activate or disable the options HDR and color correction, it looks much better the landscape

    I like the landscape more with the options HDR and color correction disabled pic: http://i.imgur.com/QIxSfVU.png

    1. H.Trucker

      You can also try with HDR off and Color Correction enabled but never HDR on, it is my recommendation

  24. abastepass

    What!!??? credits Frkn64 Modding???
    Are you using my lights mod and I do not appear in the credits as in the previous version 1.7.8? Please delete my mod from your mod NOW!!!
    You copy the SGate mod and you do not thank the creator and you copy my mod and you do not thank either. what are you doing only copying the mods of other modders?. Ok you are reported in steam workshop and here

    1. Frkn64-Modding

      I already wrote your nick to authors of mod in game. You can see it in Mod Manager but I’m already doing my own flare pack. Your flare pack will be removed from the mod with upcoming 1.8 update.

      1. Frkn64-Modding

        And, I didn’t copy SGate’s mod. I used only his mod’s sky textures and i already wrote him to authors of mod in game’s Mod Manager. You can report me anywhere. I’m right and I’m not afraid.

  25. Nicemod,but it`s too much fog.
    Can i correct this?

  26. please update in 1.28!

  27. HeadBanger

    Waiting for the 1.28 update… Available on Steam

  28. necesito+este+mod+actualizado+para+version+1.28+ETS2+pleaseeeee


    I love everything except the roads look a little fake. Everything else is amazing! You have done a fantastic job! Thanks so much!

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