Open Pipe for all Trucks v 9.0

I have seen great support for this new version
For those who wonder why I downloaded many copies, this is proof of my desire to work and will be counted from one copy to another.
It is new version !
—————– NEWS ———————
Updated read me.
●All game stock trucks now have engines multi-sounds.
●Stock Engine sounds reworked.
●New Air brake sound
●New Tires sound
●New Winker sound
●Corrected sound engines in stock trucks.
● Add new trucks.
●Edited Coumb in the Turbine for most aggradable drive in game.
●New New trucks.
●New Engine sound
●Add Mult Torque Paccar engines with sound.
●New Transmission Specs.
●Corrected No Sound internal cabines on stock engines in stock trucks.
● New HD & Clean Sound
All SCS Vanilla Trucks
forbidden to upload another link to another site !
Thanks in advance.



6 thoughts on “Open Pipe for all Trucks v 9.0

  1. Be serious dude,work on one good mod and then post it and finetune it after then. But 9 update’s in one week??

    1. TheGreenlightTrucker

      It’s the second week now ^^ But you’re right 😀

  2. show us some video’s with the changes

  3. Good work! I follow your updates! Kee it up! Thanks

  4. I would like to thank you for the commitment that you demonstrate in the development of the mod, the appelzzo a lot, great job. !!
    I do not know if you can help but personally I think the sounds of version 8 are the best, I really like the dark and powerful noise of the engine, the only flaw is the mutter of this in the march on the highway, it seems more insane than under stress. (Sorry for my bad English!)

  5. Does it work with Scania R v2.2.2? by RJL v2.2.2?

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