Overload Trailers always black


Autorius: LaCoste


6 Responses to Overload Trailers always black

  1. Manglar says:

    Standalone ?

    • AmericanFlag Peterbilt says:

      What do you mean “standalone?” Dude look at the picture, I’m not try ta sound mean, but look, it’s the default trailers! Differ cargo (as in dlc cargo pack), but same default SCS trailers!

  2. christian says:

    Hi, I have just a quick question.
    On the picture I see that there are also places in Denmark and Norway.
    Now my question if that is also a mod?

    Thanks in advance, regards Sanjeev

  3. gagahberhad says:

    can you make it for flatbed trailer

  4. Santiago says:

    what is the map name that you have in the pictures??

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