Ownership trailer Fruehauf Dryvan (1951) 1.45 – 1.46

The mod is fully converted to ETC 2.

Mod features:

Sold in the property.
It has coloring and the ability to paint in any color, including metallic and chrome.
At this stage, the trailer has almost no tuning.
It has an absolutely clean log of 100% (percent).
Has workloads for ETC 2. Checked 🙂
Has support for skins, 14 items.
Some skins are fictitious, some are taken from real companies that existed before.
Working cables from ETS2 are registered.
Tested on ETS2 version: 1.45.x
But it will also work on version 1.46.

Collaboration: AJIEHA
Conversion author: Master_Yoda.



One thought on “Ownership trailer Fruehauf Dryvan (1951) 1.45 – 1.46

  1. Here is this Alena #####, she wrote herself into the authors. Real Authors: BlackAce, selonik https://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?t=282617

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