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American Improved Trains in ETS2 v3.3.3 (04.04.2020)

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(04.04.2020) Fixed a critical bug leading to crashes of the game.

This Mod adding in ETS2 a More realistic American Trains based by PIVA train mod. With improved Train Sounds by TruckerKid and sounds from SFP by Drive Safely.
+ my Exclusive content.

This mod does not replaced European trains, only add new Trains from America.

For some locomotives and rail cars add skins with logos of real companies.
Now all freight trains are drived by more locomotives, from 2 to 5 coupled head DMUs and some additional in the mid and the end of the trains.
The length of trains has been changed, passenger: 7-15 cars. freight: 20-60 cars, depending on the number of sections and type of locomotives.
The max speed of freight trains changed to: 120 KM/h. for Passenger trains: 150 and 300(nmrx) KM/h.
Added sounds for trains from the Sound Fixes Pack and Improved Train Sounds
All passenger trains added a reverse section locomotive.
also increased stopping distance for the all trains.

Changes in version 3.3.3 for ETS2 (v1.36x):
Fixed bug replacing European freight wagons with American ones,
now american wagons are allocated to separate loading groups.
cleaned outdated and unused settings in files.


Please place this mod above than any Sound packs and Traffic Density mods in manager.

This mod must be placed above any other third party mods that affect the trains, except for my own addons and graphic mods that change the skins or appearance of trains.
I recommend using this mod with mods, Traffic Density and Ratio by Cip, Sound Fixed Pack by Drive Safely and Realistic Vehicle Lights by Frkn64 (the last mod can be put higher than improved trains)
This mod verion does not support versions of game older than (1.36x).
The presence or absence of any DLC does not affect the mod.
It should not conflict with mods that do not affect trains, since it only affects trains and only them.
With this mod recommended keep the value “g_traffic 1.0” and do not increase it. if you will increase this value, slide show fps guarantee on the any PC configurations.

3D modelling: SCS, PIVA, AlexeyP, POWE®FULL.
Sounds: SCS, TruckerKid, Drive Safely.
Skins: SCS, PIVA, Grimes, Eddie Yantz, POWE®FULL.
Compilation: POWE®FULL
Adaptation for ETS2: POWE®FULL.

I’M VERY THANKFUL OF THE AUTHORS for all these materials!

Enjoy it and Have Fun!

POWE®FULL™, PIVA, TruckerKid, Drive Safely

DOWNLOAD 32 MB [mirror]

Setra S416 GT Varan Turizm Skin

Setra S416 GT HD Varan Paint
Logos: Abdullah Zengin
Skin SilentStealth

Abdullah Zengin, Silent Stealth


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Skin #3 for Freds Scania

Irish style skin for freds scania, skin is unlocked if you want to edit it.

WF paintjobs


Simply Livery For Scania S (2016) by SCS (V1.0)

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Simply Livery For Scania S (2016) by SCS (V1.0)

Simple colors with many combinations based on
Orange, Red, Yellow.

Fit for all cabins, chassis, accessories.

ETS2 Mods:

ATS Mods:

KCR 58 (Game)


V1.0 (2020-04-04)

Added Color:
1x Orange & Black
1x Orange & White
2x Orange (Full)
2x Red & Black
3x Red & Cream
3x Red (Full)
1x Yellow & Black
1x Yellow (Full)

KCR 58 (Game)


MAPA EEA 5.4 Save Game Profile ETS2 1.36

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Here you have a Save Profile for MAPA EEA 5.4 ETS2 1.36
– Money
– All skills
– Garages
– Truck dealers
– Level 32
– cities discovered



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Feed v 1.0

Adds a trailer to the game with the skin “Feed”
Weight – 12000 kg
Tested on 1.36.x version



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