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[Official] Momo’s Physics 7 Mini (1.34/1.33)

In real life, trucks do not rock heavily like a boat. But they are not as solid as a rock either. So a good realistic physics mod has to give you the right behavior of a truck suspension, not too shaky and not too steady. I believe this mod is very true to real life. The rest is up to the in-game road surfaces, which unfortunately are smoother than glass.


Since the game patch 1.33, SCS has implemented a whole new physics base. It is a big improvement on truck physics and players can feel the difference clearly, especially when using the console command “g_truck_stability 0” and “g_suspension_stiffness 0”. SCS has taken the truck physics closer to real life.

As a result, physics modders have less work to do with the physics, because the new vanilla phyiscs is now right (or almost) in most parts, leaving very little room for modders to improve.

But i am so glad. Because as a lazy modder, i always dream of the day that SCS’ physics is perfect out of the box, that i can just go straight to play without having to lose a lot of my time modding the game.


This mod is very light, it only tweaks a few things so that you don’t have to worry about the console commands anymore. It keeps everything that SCS has done well, and it changes just a few things necessary.

– Soften the front suspension by about 50%.
– Soften the sway bar by about 80%
– Built in Air Ride B. (Any other Air Ride of your choice will overwrite this if placed higher)
* 8×4 remains vanilla to prevent hitting the ground.
* This mod deals with the “sway bar” (anti-roll) bar directly, not the center of gravity of the truck like “g_truck_stability” command. If you reduce g_truck_stability by yourself you risk your truck to flip.

That’s it, nothing else changed. This mod is ideal for people who do not want to change the game much. (I don’t make a video for this mod because not much changed).


– Patch 1.34 and 1.33
– All SCS trucks of ETS2 (The new MAN is also included).
– All my Air Ride mods (The Air Ride mods must be higher)

Highly recommended to use the default value of “g_truck_stability” and “g_suspension_stiffness”.


Sorry, i am a lazy modder. You need to add your modded truck to my mod’s folder by:

1. Make sure your modded truck is the latest version and compatible with 1.33.
2. Find and open your modded truck’s folders named ” def > vehicle > truck > (truck name such as scania RJL)”
3. Delete all folders inside the (truck name) folder except the “chassis” folder.
4. Copy the (truck name) folder, together with the chassis folder inside it.
5. Find my mod folder, and paste in my mod folder at the same path. (def > vehicle > truck > (paste it here).
6. Open the chassis folder that you have just pasted it. You should see files names 4×2, 6×2, 6×4 etc. You need to open each of them with Notepad or Wordpad and find the line “residual travel” (there should be 2 or 3 of it per file), then change the value number next to “residual travel” to match the value in my mod (open the other trucks to see my value).
7. Save every file you changed.
8. Done. Test it in the game. (my mod must be higher than your truck mods).

** Do the steps with a copy of your truck mod, do not do the steps with your original truck mod. **
** In case your mod is in a zipped or compressed file, you need 7-Zip software to open. **

TIPS FOR REALISM (not required)

For sound realism
– “s_interior_volume 0.5” (Because modern trucks’ cabins are quiet.)
– “s_wheel_noise 0.5” (Reduce the arcade tire sound)
– “s_air_noise 3” (Feel the wind hitting your windshield)


Although all the intellectual property rights belong to SCS, But please respect hard works of the mod author.
The mod author does not give consent for anyone to:

– Re-post by any other download link other than the given link above.
– Re-post as is, as your own.
DONATION (Not required, but highly appreciated)

1. Any Steam trading cards are welcome.
2. Paypal account as below:

Unfortunately friends invitations will be accepted on certain circumstances only. However, you can contact me through:

1. The comment section below. (Rude comments will be deleted)
2. Facebook fanpage:
3. My Youtube Chanel:
4. My email: [email protected]



Smarter Opticruise Gearboxes for Scania New Gen 2016 R & S

For ETS2 1.33 , 1.34 versions.

This mod polishes the logics of adaptive transmission, which is quite poor in ETS2. A little software update for Opticruise…
The gear shifting points – both upshifts and downshifts – were accurately calculated from the engine torque curves and power curves, and ratios of transmissions. The behavior of these Opticruise transmissions is much closer to reality while driving.
Try it out, just drive with all positions of the accelerator pedal, and Opticruise will really adapt to you. For best result try “High power” in the settings of Adaptive automatic transmission type.

To take advantage of Smarter Opticruise in ETS2, you must these two step:

1. step: In the game menu goto Options – Controls, and set the Transmission to Real Automatic, and choose one of Adaptive automatic transmission type (Economy – Normal power – High power).

2. step: Visit a service, and update the software of Opticruise:

2.1 step: In the truck configurator first select your desired (Nm-HP) engine with blue “Smarter Opticruise” subtitle on the icon.

2.2 step: In the truck configurator second select your desired (GRS-O, 905-925, axle ratio) transmission with blue “Smarter Opticruise” subtitle on the icon.

2.3 step: In the truck configurator third click “Confirm order” button.

The software update of Opticruise is ready. Enjoy…


Place this mod above any mods what touch the engine’s.sii, because the main parameters of Opticruise transmissions in this engine’s.sii files.

Always change first your engine and second your transmission in pair, because all engine have their default transmission, which not sure your favorite.


If you play with keyboard and want to control more accurately the pedals of your truck, I reccommend for you my other mod called “Analog pedals with keyboard for ETS2” at


Scanreg, SCS


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Hungary Map Addons v 1.7.34

This is a complete overhaul addons for the Hungary map made by Frank007.
This mod was made to be close as the reality as possible on every aspect of the game.
You can run the mod on a current load game but it is better to start a new game to enjoy all the modification from the start !

Quick description:
Hungary Map Addons:
-Fix 99% of the errors from the Ai Indian Fix (thanks a lot to him for keep alive the map)
-Complete overhaul of Ai traffic
-Complete overhaul of Economy
-And much more.

Hungarian companies:
-Included Logo company skin.
-Included Trailers company skin.
-Included New traffic trailers.
-Included Logo player company skin.
-Included Ai Traffic Logo company skin.
-Included Trucks company skin.
-Inclued Real Hungarian drivers names.
-And much more.

– HungaroCamion
– HunCargo
– Waberers
– Duran-Trans
– Szemerey
– Transsped
– SioTrans
– Fazekas
– B3 Sped Dombovar
– Farkas-Transz
– Horvath Tranport
– Penny Market
– Auchan
– Gemini Kft
– Agro-Alfa Kft
– Spar
– Mol
– Busped

Mods included adapted to Hungary map :
-Real Traffic Density by Cipinho
-Real Ai logo brand by Jazzycat
-HN Immersive Symbols V2.0 by Habdorn
-Realistic Building Lights v2.4 by Grimes
-Some trailers, prefab and gps texture by Jano

All the credits go to the original author of mod i just adapt them to fit Hungary map as best as possible !
Thanks to them !

By Igor Nitch

Load order and recommended mods :
From top to bottom:
1 Project next gen 1.5 base, vegetation and weather
2 Sound Fixes Pack – ETS2
3 Scania_Addons
4 smp3_0_133
5 trailers schmitz
6 Hungary_Addons
7 HM_new_AI_test_1.33.x_byIndian56

8 HM_def_hotfix_0.9.28a_1.33.x_byIndian56

9 hungary_model
10 hungary_base

You need to uninstall all your map dlc addons
You need to install Krone and Schwarzmuller trailers dlc

Igor Nitch


ALEXD 900 HP For All Trucks v 1.3

YouTube preview

This mod requires ETS2 1.31;1.32; 1.33.x ; 1.34.x

Try my game :

follow me :

Version 1.3:

Version 1.2 :
Update to 1.34.x

This Mod Contain :
DAF XF Euro 6
VOLVO FH 16 2012

DONATION (Not required, but highly appreciated)



Real Interior Cams ETS2 v 1.5

* DAF XF 105
* Iveco Stralis
* Iveco Stralis Hi-Way
* MAN TGX Euro 6
* Mercedes-Benz Actros
* Mercedes-Benz New Actros
* Renault Magnum
* Renault Premium
* Scania R 2012
* Scania R
* Scania S
* Scania Streamline
* Volvo FH 2012
* Volvo FH16 2009

New in version 1.5:

* Compatible with version
* New Camera for the MAN TGX Euro 6.

Doubts or configurations:

* For a better view of the cameras, use display formats in 16:9 (examples: 1920×1080, 1600×900, 1366×768, 1280×720, etc…).
* With the new “seat adjustment” it can modified the position the seat and the steering wheel, but they have a cap or limit, and also, does not allow adjust with detail the seat position and the steering wheel, so I have continued to update this mod with more precision, in a personal way.
* If it has been modified the position of the seat or steering wheel in the truck we drive, to run well the mod must be restored the seat position to its original settings, from inside the cabin click three times in the “F4″ key (seat adjustment) and click the “R” key to return to the default position of the seat and steering wheel. This is only necessary do it the first time and if it has been modified the seating position, if you have not already, it is not necessary.
* With the activated mod you can continue to modify the “seat adjustment” of the same mode as in the default game.

Tested on the game version 1.34



ETS2 Extra Economy v 1.0

Are you looking for a better economy that gives, a more challenging environment along with far gameplay. With this mod, you will find that we have overhauled the in-game economy, AI traffic data, bank data, and police data. Additional to this we have added over 947 different types of cargo including SASq special cargo packages and fully compatible with promods 2.32 and Jazzcat cargo mods.

Main Features:
The minimum income is approx. 0.24€/km to for Quick jobs, at least 0.40€/km for Freight market jobs and for cargo jobs 0.50€/km. (Note: Quick jobs work for the AI and players pay to start with).
New loan system with integrated co-insurance, loans will increase at every level. (up to 2,420,000€ at level 65).
The bank will offer you 55000€ as your first loan when you have completed 20 quick jobs.
New fines system, fines will increase at every level. (up to level 70)
Reconfigured all of the different cargo in the mod so that the special cargo has much more value over stranded cargo.
Increased xp need for leveling up for longer gameplay.
Abandoned job fine set to 13,200€
Due to low income, fuel economy and truck damage are very important and you should maintain them as low as possible, a single accident can cause you big problems.
Integrated AI traffic modification to increase density and AI behaver.

More than 1,281 different peace of cargo, Including all of SASq cargo packages and Jazzcat Railway Cargo packages have been integrated into this package.
Trailers now unlock at level 4 instead of level 5.
Players fixed revenue is 213€.
Job distance limit increased 50km per level
Made changes to reword bonuses for each cartage.
Increased the weight of the Special Transport DLC to no less than 30 tones to 120tones max
Day/night-time is synchronized with the actual time of year
Increased tuneage for the Heavy Cargo DLC to be no less than 35t up to and including 135t
Updated fuel prices based on real-world data.

Garage and AI information…..
AI drivers will now level up to level 30 and will generate a minimum of 150€/day (income will increase with AI skills).
Truck Refund at 35%
Fuel Discount at 15%
Price of a small garage at 495,000€
Price garage upgrade at 880,000€.
Driver hire cost 1100
Minimal driver salary 171
AI Driver revenue per km 0.24€ to 38€

Mod Comparability
Compatible with promods v2.32 [].
Works with and is compatible with Jazzcat military package v2.9 [].
Compatible with Jazzcat trailers and cargo package v7.4.2 [].

Please don’t use this mod with old profiles. You may encounter level downgrade. (You will not receive points for leveling until you reach the number of used skills) This mod has been tested using the above mods only and has been found to work without any problems and with a clean game log. We can not guarantee that our mod will work with any other mod that makes changes to AI traffic, bank data, fines, and other map packs.

Justin Dodson (Mod developer)
Gary Sherwood (Mod Tester)
Jazzcat (Trailer and cargo packages)
SASq (Special cargo packages)
gabrijel202 (cargo)