Pardubak’s Economy Mod ETS2 v1.31.24

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18:14 13.6.2018

Pardubak’s EconomyMod ETS2 v1.31_24

ATTENTION: You don’t need to start with new profile. Set it with the heighest
priority. You can use this mod with other maps (e.a. TruckSim,
MHAPro and others not just with ProMods).

Mod have been tested with ETS2 v.1.31.x + DLC: Going East, Scandinavia,
Vive la France and Italy DLC + RusMap 1.8 + Romania by Arayas 1.4.2. + Southern Region 7.2.

Credits: SCS and Pardubak. Picture is taken from Alexas_Fotos




UPDATED 13.06.2018

Economy Data:

– small garage costs 90 000,-€
– you don’t need to own any trucks before buying new one online
– park bonus points are set to: 25XP for Easy parking spot
50XP for Medium parking spot
100XP for Hard parking spot
– park bonus points for doubles: 25XP for Easy parking spot
100XP for Medium parking spot
200XP for Hard parking spot


Bank Data:

– Co-Insurance from ATS

Police Data Fines*:

– car crash: 150,-€
– avoid sleeping: 100,-€
– wrong way: 100,-€
– speeding (camera): 60,-€
– no lights at night: 50,-€
– red lights: 100,-€
– speeding: 60,-€

* These fines are the minimum (or average) ones by the Slovak laws. In-game the fine is rising level by level.

SCS and Pardubak. Picture is taken from Alexas_Fotos


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