Peugeot 406

Peugeot-406-1 Peugeot-406-2

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To Buy: volvo
Difficulties: Without interior and original sound and Please only the left wheel set
Tested 1.26.x



20 thoughts on “Peugeot 406

  1. No Interior, interior skoda

    1. Please, read the description… ._.

      1. RayenGaming

        hey ficfic sava ? cest une super voiture 😀

        1. Ça va merci, je confirme. 😉

          1. RayenGaming

            ahahaha c’est ma voiture préféré, mais il va yavoir 2 peugeot 406 car Azorax gaming a prevu dans faire une… bref sa men ferra 2 et je serait content ;D

      2. THEOGAMING83

        il a mi le mod peugeot 406 sur le mod SKODA VERSION RS

  2. HD Video Test 1.26…

  3. Video Test on my Youtube Channel

  4. amin.king


  5. RayenGaming

    OH MY GOD, THANKS YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY FAVORITE CAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Joe the gamer

    Can anyone make an interior?

    1. amin.king


  7. amin.king


  8. can you put the tow hitch please?

    1. jeg har sat trækkrog på 406eren 😛

  9. amin.king


  10. Good mod for relax !! good speeeeed :)) love this !

  11. Peugeot lover

    @amin.king give me your e-mail, please

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