Physics 7 Mini 1.33

-Soften the front suspension by about 50%.
– Soften the sway bar by about 80%
– Built in Air Ride B. (Any other Air Ride of your choice will overwrite this if placed higher)
* 8×4 have stiffer suspension than other chassis to prevent hiting the ground.

That’s it, nothing else changed. This mod is ideal for people who do not want to change the game much. (I don’t make a video for this mod because not much changed).


– Patch 1.33
– All SCS trucks of ETS2
– All my Air Ride mods (The Air Ride mods must be higher)



2 thoughts on “Physics 7 Mini 1.33

  1. 1.34 ?

    1. MovingTarget

      I can confirm that it works on 1.34

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