Physics for Trucks v 4.9.7 Real Physics Cabin Improwed

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Redesigned working stroke of the cabin
This is now far from ordinary physics
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10 thoughts on “Physics for Trucks v 4.9.7 Real Physics Cabin Improwed

  1. old mod from 2016 !!!

  2. Ageratos125rus

    What???Uploaded on: 2017-10-15 03:15:31 by Ageratos125rus #### off

  3. Why you don`t write in discription more details about this mod?
    – whats trucks,
    – whats trailers,
    … and e.t.c

    This mod for standart SCS trucks +SCANIA RS, T, and some standart SCS heavy cargo trailers.
    Please add more trucks, JAYZZYs cargos and this mod may be a happy !!!

    Don`t thanks!!!

    1. Ageratos125rus

      что захотел то и написал.

    2. Ageratos125rus

      И добавлять прицепы от JAYZZYs я не собираюсь.это слишком много работы.я год буду делать

  4. Works perfectly with Scania RJL. Thanks

    1. Ageratos125rus

      Rjl only medium small and large cabin

  5. Ageratos125rus

    Modified trucks are not supported in this version

    1. Слава,отличная физика !спасибо

  6. Bro,if u can a little bit stronger the brake/retarder and the clutch more strengh(still too loose) that’s a PERFECT mod. If u don’t want to modify your mod,pls tell me how to do that. Cheers !

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