Physics Testing Ground for 1.27

This is SCS physics test ground.
Adaptation for 1.27 game version by Todor Alin by my request.

Todor Alin


8 Responses to Physics Testing Ground for 1.27

  1. Forester says:

    Is it compatible with RusMap??

  2. Gerlanio says:


  3. Digital X says:

    Nice one, I actually live in Dover. Shame it aint really down the road! 😉

  4. piva says:

    That’s for test your tuck physisc. What compatibe you want?

    • Albertus says:

      Like to use the map, if it can be v1.31. i try’d and it loads but gray in mod box section. Have you seen the test ground Kron Ring (Test Track for Physics Evaluations v1.1 for Euro Truck Simulator 2) will be good to see your lay out of your test ground mad in that map, one super cool test ground.

  5. TomASH says:


  6. DeGelderseTrucker says:

    Can you make it compitable for 1.30 ? It should be very great! 😀

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